How To Steal/Copy Any Games On Roblox For Free -

How To Steal/Copy Any Games On Roblox For Free

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This script lets you copy any roblox game in roblox….

Script : saveinstance()
(dark dex)
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  1. jeepers creepers, it works! thank you Turning globe and ill see you in your next awesome video!

  2. I wish I could do this with yeezys bro, shit cost to much now

  3. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio says:

    How did you start youtube

  4. is the website a gambling game?

    not for 12-1 years old

  5. it dont work when you copy the sprit you get kicked

  6. omg works thanks bro i can edit stuff and leak them in the game's server 👿

  7. synapse x is required to perform this exploit, in other words *you need to pay*, sorry but this video did not help

  8. when i excute it it says "Sorry, this place could not be loaded. Details: "BaseWrap must be parented to a MeshPart."

  9. Could someone download a game for me? I would be so thankful!

  10. when i press open with studio it takes me to the page where i select a thing to start with in the "new" tab

  11. The script when exectuted on krnl says infinite yield, not dark dex.

  12. Bruh that's a infinite yield script, not dark dex..

  13. Cool!!! But, can u make video "how to make game like Creatures of Sonaria"??

  14. for everyone saying it doesen't work you need Synapse X for it to work

  15. Do u know why I can’t view legacy scripts with dark dex? I can only view module scripts and local scripts

  16. You should make a script that lets you enter an item id and it comes on your avatar visually, I would me cool!


  17. dam i didnt even need to go on the dark web 2 find this

  18. I need help copying Nuke Simulator but it wont work right

  19. If you got the game items and game gui does that mean you stole everything like animations and stuff?

  20. bro you are so dumb, first you be promoting a roblox gambling site and then you say you get every script frmo the game, you are LITERALLY RETARDED

  21. Sorry, this place could not be loaded. Details: "The Parent property of Dragger is locked, current parent: NULL, new parent Nil Instances"

  22. Im using Valyse a executor, it wont execute anything when i press, any tipps? 😢

  23. sorry for this comment, where is the game saved at?

  24. yo idiot quit sponsoring fake gambling sites

  25. For some reason mine just saves the map and not the scripts

  26. patch? or doesnt work on krnl

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