How To Steal/Copy Any Games On Roblox For Free -

How To Steal/Copy Any Games On Roblox For Free

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This script lets you copy any roblox game in roblox….

Script : saveinstance()
(dark dex)
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  1. 😿😿 all i ask is that you limit yourself to stealing from extremely successful games because otherwise you’re just hurting small developers who need that income to make a living 🙁

  2. what a bout 268 error code lol (just enable auto attach)

  3. it dosent come with the scripts if u want the full game with scripts dont waste ur time it just gives u the buildings and map

  4. how to do it on krnl because it dont have folders (the new version)

  5. You can’t do this because of:
    A: Spynapse software gives you a virus when downloaded

  6. Bro using Script-Ware but he put synapse x logo. IM DEAD ☠☠☠☠💀💀💀💀

  7. Does it come in the codes in the game or is it just the map?

  8. but there is a problem, the problem is that it doesnt save scripts in the game:/


  10. Its actually sad that devs could spend YEARS making roblox games, then people like you come and steal them

  11. me taking revenge from valindra stoling is cannibal scripts and is whole game valindra MY GAME SOY UNHOLY…😡😡 ME:👍👍🗿🗿🍷🍷

  12. I DONT care just revenge to ban from joining a group just to feel the power from a torium

  13. valindra DONT SAY ANYTHING FOR ME or you will be exposed

  14. it doesn't work no more when i try to do it it says "Sorry, this place could not be loaded. Details: "BaseWrap must be parented to a MeshPart.""

  15. Wth. Someone is gonna steal one of the biggest games now

  16. And Roblox bans normal people but those doing this, nahh they are all good

  17. Sonic2_Prototype The Anti Neko Hedgehog says:

    synapse is a virus 😭😭

  18. great vid but i got one question, can it be done on games with extensions? Like a game with a teleport that brings you to a seperate game

  19. Can you get paid robux if someone joins your game that you copied off of? Please answer

  20. the game scripts wont save how can i make it save

  21. hey could you do me a favor uncopylock Pacifico2?

  22. title: How To Steal/Copy Any Games On Roblox For Free!

    Synapse x: So FREEE

  23. warning this is a sca it hacks your accounts

  24. For some reason I can't move my camera with my mouse when editing.

  25. it's the bliggity bloak who cant get any damsels says:

    there is another way to do it

    open a new baseplate in roblox studio

    copy the link in the Output console

    replace the number with the game id

    it should have a C: logo

    open it in roblox studio

    (i think this works)

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