How your pets feel when Pet Simulator X updates! #Shorts -

How your pets feel when Pet Simulator X updates! #Shorts

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How your pets feel when Pet Simulator X updates! #Shorts
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  1. Das Anfang Haus ist das vom Brookhaven😱

  2. Plz make more Video like this
    IM 💯 gonna watch it btw i sub and like

  3. this is not a mistake this is masterpiece says:

    We cannot have gun in brookhaven I know you have gun does it work you can just the a pet using with A shotgun

  4. This has brookhaven king of roleplay and it has adopt me king of overpriced in game bucks and also has pet sim x king of the Pets and effects ryheme 0:::

  5. Why are you not making more video😭😭😭

  6. Add friend me my name is Xxxtentacion my user name is nonoytwintoto

  7. AAAWWW Adopt Me pets are so cute don’t tell this to Preston but in my opinion Adopt Me pets are more cuter!

  8. I don’t know if you guys realize but that’s Brookhaven + pet sim x + Adopt Me it’s a Brookhaven house an Adopt Me kangaroo and a pet simulator cat!

  9. You combined in adopt me Brooke heaven pet simulator X together

  10. me that can't make a simulator 😭. i need help.`

  11. I was like wait isn't that adopt me-

  12. Man that was so cool I wish I was your friend… but nice vid and I have a YouTube channel but no one cares it’s fine so cya :))

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