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I advertised my FAKE Roblox game… and made it creepy

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Today I create my own Bloxburg and I put 20,000 robux into advertising for it and people didn’t expect what they saw.


  1. Hey flamingo get a missing noob poster and get a dead noob

  2. I remember wasting 7k on bloxburg and I regret so much ☠️

  3. They didn't know in 2 years bloxburg is now free

  4. I’m actually playing bloxburg rn :0

  5. This is more real than the person in the toilet

  6. POV you are to years late for Alberts merch

  7. i think this game is still around Wich means its not hacked yet

  8. I played the game and I have very fun with people in the game

  9. It’s real I played a game game was fake And it’s Exactly

  10. The thing Albert drew🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Flamingo:makes the welcome to bloxburg game icon look like minecraft steve

  12. I played your fake bloxburg

  13. R̶̨̨̖̬̹̥̜̠͎̺̍͐̂ō̵̝̭͙̊b̶̡͙̖̹̻̙̠̯͓͐͘ų̷͕̙͚͖̲̱̐̒̀̆̎̈͜x̵̮̹̬̮͖͓̤͚͕̗̾̋́͑̈́̔̋̚

  14. Wait you can make money by making roblox games 😮

  15. Your drawing looks like you're Avatar more than anything also if you say this is rude you are rude to everybody so I get to be rude to you

  16. Hi pls I am fan pls 🙏 can you do fake elevator game and make it creppy pls I am fan!!!!!!! Plsss

  17. flamingo tells the opposite of cute like he calls creepy people cute and call cute people creepy

  18. While you were recording this video believe it or not, the game was in up and coming on the front page lol

  19. Albert how much people do you think say E per second in each game ?

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