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I Became Levi Ackerman In Untitled Attack On Titan Roblox…

KTG Gaming
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I Became Levi Ackerman In Roblox Untitled Attack On Titan… To become Levi Ackerman in untitled attack on titan, I have to first obtain a legendary or mythic odm gear, kill at least 400 titans, and wear Levi’s Survey Corps cape.

Untitled attack on titan is a Roblox attack on titan game where you can embark on different attack on titan missions and slay titans. Untitled attack on titan has different tiers of ODM maneuver gear that you could obtain. The tiers are legendary, mythic, rare, and common. The higher the tier of ODM the better the ODM gear is at slaying titans. Untitled attack on titan also has a free play mode where you can swing around and slay titans.

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  1. Omg I got savage demise first try lol same as perfect model 😂

  2. Ken Sravoj Nyel A. Gervacio- 6 Bonifacio says:

    i got the perfect odm gear first try with out robux

  3. low key when im last person and there is 30 titan left i enter levi mode and kill all

  4. I also becam levi but with a epic omd and no robus

  5. Press space for boost, my rank is sergeant😎

  6. I got savage demise gear
    You can teleport to the necks of titans and kill them in an instant

  7. " finally this game is getting attention " 🤓🤓🤓 This game was literally already famous at 2021 Christmas days, ur just new to the game lol

  8. I have the mithin and legend and thunder spear gear

  9. If you get Beter gear you get more gold (mythic is 50 gold if you kill a titan

  10. Well actully i get mythical in one try sheeeeesh

  11. am i the only one who saw his robux saying fight

  12. I’ve reached around like 1k streaks, until a guy literally watch me dying and didn’t safe me :/

  13. Thanks for using my trello! I don't ever see people really using it.

  14. not to flex but I got the mythic no cap

  15. 1:14 He Looks Like Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, The Main Character, From Classroom Of The Elite

  16. nah you just need luck not robux to get leg or mythic ODM

  17. Boosted allow u to cut the titan when u r grab by titan

  18. the teammate we all need but none of us get

  19. I spined 20 times and wasn’t even close to perfect or thunder

  20. The game is ez I have 7k kills and at 145 lvl

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