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I Bought Roblox CHEATS

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Roblox Admin powers are insane!
SUBSCRIBE or i will use explode commands on you

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  1. Laser beam you should play combat warriors on Roblox

  2. POV: you banned lazarbeam after he made a purchase

    “Alright guys, get to the battle stations he is probably coming in on a tank with a rocket launcher”

  3. Hey I got in trouble with the creators of free admin

  4. hey lazerbeam you can use ;cmdbar2 it's better when you use command ;cmdbar you can use a command only once

  5. imagine some idiot reporting u when u payed 100 dollars for admin

  6. "always spend money"
    kids – Thats my job buddy 🙂

  7. Flamingo would be proud of this villain arc

  8. Why not freeze at the end of the cart ride???

  9. I know what’s happening an I’m on Ipad and 8 😂😂😂😂

  10. lol I bought YouTube rank in free admin and its so fun to kick people and I just add a random person and kick people but you can only kick 1 person per sever so I kick and leave and then join LOL

  11. I liked and subscribed so friend me in roblox and rong the bell

  12. ahhhhh, lannan bullying kids with money satisfies me

  13. “There’s only one super power and it’s called being rich”
    America be like:

  14. idk why but i was kinda expecting him to have bought synapse x…

  15. Can I have robux please 🙏 😭 😢 😫 😩 😔

  16. Your mum killed the Dino’s by squashing them

  17. I can’t believe lazarbeam is more popular than flamingo

  18. theres only 1 super hero and its called elon musk

  19. It Banned you because of abuse ven though itself made a gamepass that make you do what you want to lol

  20. An 8 year old on his iPad no idea what’s going on
    Are you tacking about me???

    I’m on my Mums account btw

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