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I Bought Roblox CHEATS

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Roblox Admin powers are insane!
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  1. Bro don’t talk about eating tortoises I have 1 and it’s very hurtful to me😖

  2. Should have donated to Ukraine my home country

  3. Hey lazar big fan. I love these videos like to say that they make me laugh. I also like it when you are tired from grinding for hours at a time. This makes me happy. So I will bet you nothing that you can’t even come close to completing my challenge. Play strongman simulator by man of the year. This is going to hurt u but yo will never not in a million years beat this. If you get top 10 you are the actual sellout streamer. And if u accept this which u won’t I am Bigmano8o10 on Roblox if u see me then I shall end you. This game will cost a lot more that 1000 dollars lazar are you up for it. Blow this up if u want lazar to do this👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈

  4. I have a good totally legal roblox cheat it’s called “Synapse X”

  5. Lazarbeam technically isn’t the most famous roblox youtuber cus he isn’t a roblox youtuber. It would be flamingo because his entire channel is dedicated to roblox lankybox and Mike crack don’t count cus they suck.

  6. He did respect and making people looking like crackheads And I respect it

  7. lazarbeam can i haver your r2d2 i love star wars

  8. i mean that is HD admin for the minecraft players thats not hacks xd

  9. Lazar I got banned from a lobby because I made a revolution in a roblox game.

  10. Hidden Valley Ranch
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    I Bought Roblox CHEATS
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  11. its gotta be bad that im dying laughing at the torture of children

  12. Nuiphhfb ount I’ll hiuptbhpountgh
    Jet out
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  13. They straight up banned him for 3 days for telling DAD JOKES.

  14. The guy is awesome in the Roblox pay to win series do you agree🤘🏻

  15. Fuck i actdendenlly unsub bruh iam now the 20 million sub i used to me the 9 million

  16. Ahah I’ll do what thanos couldn’t ahaha 🤣

  17. That was was amazing when lazarbeam nocked the bacon off the tracks on accident

  18. We have all been banned once in are life time but for me it was 3

  19. Play that game but not cool but you’re cool even though you say bad words

  20. I have admin but only 1 game bc the game is fun

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