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I Cheated In Squid Game Roblox..

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  1. i love the part that he need to search how to talk on roblox hahahahaha love u pewd

  2. I love how he had to look up how to open chat lmao

  3. Hey I’m jayden my mom is doing something and I have her phone and you cheated

  4. i remember when PewDiePie got banned from Roblox 🙂

  5. “He’s goin backwards what a chad” got me laughing

  6. What is your name in roblox?, plsssssss.

    MY name IN Roblox is pianisttrevor2012, how about your name?

  7. my youtube channel in five years 0 subs squid game in a minute OMG TRY OUT THE GAME WATCH THIS MOVIE ASAP ITS UR DESTINY

  8. my man over her elike solina ugly like my cousin pugly

  9. I laughed so hard when he calles “anas” anus cause it’s a pretty popular arabian name that i’ve never thought it could sound like that to non arabian speaking people

  10. These splatoon 3 graphics are looking a bit weird

  11. i now that Pewdiepie was banned on his really first account

  12. PewDiePie Just Escaped from Roblox IP Ban, How?

  13. 오징어 게임에서 사기를 쳐봤다

  14. i love how the kids playing doesnt know that they are playing with pewds lmfao

  15. you are all degging your own eternal graves its funny

  16. plot twist : PewdiePie playing roblox again (he hated roblox) 🙄

  17. He spoiled the series by playing the game
    He didn't knew the story

  18. squid game is spreading faster than covid 19 lol

  19. Yo PewDiePie You’re a legend you are one of the people that made YouTube you’re a very good guy Keep up the great Work man

  20. 0:00 bro? r u fucking seriously how can yall not say anything about this? are you making fun of how japanese people say squid game or something? also whatever if you think im going too far im not. Also pewdiepie your vid are getting (B O R I N G) get better ideas of how to make your videos more fun then playing stupid squid game games 😐

  21. I love how he googled “how to open chat roblox”

  22. btw for those who are wondering what was pewds flipping its called a butterfly knife (balisong) and his balisong is called squid industries Triton inked version.

  23. man exposed himself he dosent know how to chat in roblox

  24. The bloodborne pvp is baaaaackkkkkk!!!! 🤣🤣

  25. When it was red light i could jump and turn
    the ultimate flex

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