I Created An ADMIN KINGDOM In ROBLOX The Survival Game... - pixelbladegames.com

I Created An ADMIN KINGDOM In ROBLOX The Survival Game…

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In this video, I play THE SURVIVAL GAME on ROBLOX and create an ADMIN KINGDOM…

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PC Specs:
Case: Lian Li Lancool II – Black [RGB]
Motherboard: MSI Z390-A Pro
GPU: RTX 2080 Super
CPU: i9 9900k
Ram: 64 Gigs DDR4
Power Supply: 700 Watts
Monitor: Pixio PX329 32 inch 165Hz WQHD 2560 x 1440 Wide (x2)
Microphone: Shure SM7B
Headset: HyperX Cloud Alpha (Wireless)
Keyboard: Razer Huntsman V2 (Analog)
Mouse: Logitech G502
Camera: Elgato Facecam

Recording Software: NVIDIA Shadowplay
Audio Workstation: Go XLR
Editing Software: Sony Vegas 14

Production Music by

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  1. if any of you use adim to kill ppl that is called B S and you should be ashamed of yourself.but if they attake you first u can deal with them

  2. does this game have a discord? i wanna know EXACTLY when updates occur, im at war with my friends and i need to stay on top of armor since im outnumbered by 3

  3. I am really starting rage at the. game dev now, bc they are youtubers they will be infinty hp in a PUBLIC server and letting them KILLING THE PLAYER WHO GRIND SO HARD WITH NO THINKING BECAUSE OF HOW EASY THESE YOUTUBERS CAN USE CAMMANDS TO SPAWN A 100% PROTECTION ARMOR

  4. Booga Booga was much much better than this game

  5. Bandit can u plz add me my name is zacersaber

  6. Did the man just said alot better than booga booga😔-…

  7. ain't no way he said this game better than booga booga

  8. I wish he put in the effort to actually learn the game and stuff before activating admin cheats. Like with infinite resources unlocking better walls would be incredibly easy, but he doesn’t even try.

  9. Nice to see people play this game only thing I don't like is how on pc u can basically shoot at all directions in one spot while in mobile you have to line up to hit your target which is somewhat hard at times

  10. Hey dude is it cool if you give me 3 sets of admin armor please as for my birthday gift?

  11. Me scrolling trough the whole description then I look here
    My bad I forgot to link the game
    Me: 👁👄👁

  12. If bandits hair was orange he would be ed Sheeran

  13. The waffle house has found its new host.

  14. I hope you get to one mil ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Look at the last two wood items you can build and then you unlock the next thing

  16. Survival is great game till you see someone running physically in water after you out speeding your boat 🧐🤓

  17. Yo can you tell the admins to give me admin I will make a lot of videos on the game

  18. This explains the admin that ran around killing everyone in my server. I lost full bluesteel armor cause of him. Honestly so stupid they give admin this easy to kids who will abuse it

  19. Next time you should make a big nation and be Vikings

  20. I just started playing the survival game 3 days ago pretty stacked on loot rn ngl

  21. Very fun game but needs more things added and some bug fixes


  23. Ur character is literally my brother 😂 then I looked at u and was like BRO

  24. bruh j'ai construit une meilleur base que lui et sans admin panel

  25. What is the ban system? Cuz my friend got banned

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