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I Died in SQUID GAME So My Best Friend Could WIN (ROBLOX)

Silly on Roblox
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  1. What do you look up to play tyat version and witch one do you click on can you do a v8d on it please

  2. Silly can I tell you a secret in the marbles game all of them are even in that one that you were playing in Roblox

  3. 1441st



  4. Hi sillyyyy your pretty sooooo pretty u are my favorite youtber🤗❤😁 and your the nice best youtber 😋🤗☺😉😍

  5. Hey sill can u please tell me what's the game so I can play it pls I'm really a big fan so if its ok asking

  6. Silly is amazing and sanna 😄😄😊

  7. Pls accept my friend Request my name is mira pls

  8. Silly is so sweet I love her videos !!🥳💙💜

    Also press the button if you love silly

  9. what is the name of this one bc i need a good one and this one looks good

  10. I'm watching this the day it was made Silly you are amazing

  11. It is so cute the way they dont know how to play marbles btw u must guess how much ur partner has even or odd and if u guess wrong u lose marbles that's how u play the game 😘😘😇

  12. And I really wanted silly to say what she wanted to say

  13. She said that she understood what the girl was going to say

  14. lets appreciate she always make our food days!love you silly💗🌷✨🎀

  15. I love when I saw sanna's video she thought "squid game" was about aquariums and squids<3 ♡

  16. silly n the marbles you just do even and now even again and odd odd again And even even again just like that

  17. That is so nice of you silly 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  18. I love you silly….you sacrifice your safe for sanna you're so kind

  19. Cute and her voice so cute and beautiful! I LOVE THIS VID I ALWAYS WATCHING THIS!

  20. Aaww😀😀 silly scrifised sanna that soo sweet

  21. มณฑิรา พรหมลิขิตชัย says:

    Silly your so sweet to let sanna survive❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  22. awww silly i love u so much!!! ur so sweet I think ur the sweetest person i have met in my life ♡♡ love ur vids

  23. Actually in marbles you can say if it's odd or even you just say it

  24. Sanna and silly friendship is so cute

  25. Hello can you play some story more more ty if you see this♡

  26. silly can u tell me want game did u pick

  27. plz tell m how to find this game I want to also play

  28. hi silly l love your videos🍩🍩🍩💛💛

  29. Silly love your videos and sannas and moodys and sunnys and cutties 💗✨

  30. the platform level what you have to do is check the platformt if its light or dark colored it the platform is dark thats te right platform and if the platform is light its the wrong platform. thank you!

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