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I disguise myself as AXOLOTL and SPY ON PEOPLE (Brookhaven rp)

Roblox With Roplex
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Hey everyone today we play Brookhaven role play again! Roblox games are so fun, I love role playing in brookhaven roblox! Anyways today In Roblox Brookhaven roleplay I disguise myself as AXOLOTL and SPY ON PEOPLE


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  1. Why she put you in water axlatl in water

  2. im cringing so hard rn this man doesnt even know if axolotls go in water

  3. I wanted to Do the same but the axolotl hat isnt there anymore

  4. Axotols stay on land they live in water they can breath on water they can't on land SO STUDY MORE (im not a hater)

  5. bruh your a axolotl how are you drowning died from cringe

  6. PLS do a vid on adopt me next time u make a vid pls adopt me is dieing in popularity

  7. Hi I love your vids roplex Ur my idol I would be so happy if I met u in a roblox game

  8. Are you stupid a axolotl could breathe underwater

  9. Hello I’m your big fan how do I get Roblox I did get your code but I don’t know how get roblox

  10. fun fact: an axolotl can only breathe out of water for a few minutes, and even during those few minutes is very painful and stressful for them

  11. An axolotl is semi aquatic center they have lungs they need to put their lips right on the surface of the water and breath in air every hour or 5 minutes they do also need to have water

  12. Axolotl‘s live in water so they can live so an axolotl cannot drown and water

  13. They have to put a phone that’s recording in the background so the parents can see what Becky is saying to juicy

  14. an axolotl is a salamander that lives underwater

  15. You're a total idiot extraordinary or A-war creature like a 9 without 1 or 5 minute double double X extra lotto or Walgreens edit

  16. when she said drags under 🤣😂lol anxotels are water mamals
    there gills on the side oh there heads help them breath XD 🤣😂🤣😂

  17. Me:why you dressed up as the rarest axolts?
    Mah brain:An blue axolts is not-
    Me:shut up

  18. Axolotels is water animals they can stey 5 min out of water or they die

  19. She tried to drown an axolotl little did she know that they are amphibians and they breathe underwater

  20. me when i see the whole video OMG A AXOLOTL I LOVE AXOLOTL AXOLOTL ARMY!!!

  21. ROPLEX:can we leave her here please
    BECKY:what did you just say
    ROPLEX:ummmm nothing
    ME:lol i agree with roplex

  22. also blue axolotls are really rare and are indangered

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