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I disguise myself as AXOLOTL and SPY ON PEOPLE (Brookhaven rp)

Roblox With Roplex
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Hey everyone today we play Brookhaven role play again! Roblox games are so fun, I love role playing in brookhaven roblox! Anyways today In Roblox Brookhaven roleplay I disguise myself as AXOLOTL and SPY ON PEOPLE


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  1. Do you want some juice the evidence do you want to go get some juice and juicy

  2. AND also they cant survive in land for long, and also they dont need showers 😀

  3. Axolotl is a sea animal
    And they eat fish

  4. Fun fact axolotl can be under water for as long as it wants

  5. Awwwww so cuteeee 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰

  6. Axlotl breve underwater and salamanders

  7. why do i always think this is scripted for half of the people to be evil

  8. How did you drown or a mushroom if you're a ax a lotto

  9. im thinking if i should be a axolotl in roblox

  10. tbh i think ur the reason adopt had axolotyls lol

  11. Why did you say coughs when she pull you under water axolotls can breathe under water!

  12. Axolotls actually need water to survive-

  13. Bruh there in amphibian they have to be moist by water or they dried to death.

  14. Fun fact: axolotls only eat fish and blood worms so good luck eating pizza 😆

  15. Stay in water axalotles can live in water

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