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I Found FREE Countryball Games in Roblox…

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Best roblox countryball games
I Created a CHAD Empire for Chad…

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  1. I teaches Poland how to into space by a glitch in world of country balls!

  2. And it’s like father like son, not like son like father

  3. Pls more roblox
    Ls plspslslslls.s i shit my pants grrgegrghahahahahahahegehsgsg

  4. I’m ur 11,000th Person who liked the vid 😊

  5. "these roleplayers definently playin as my dad!"

  6. Drew: why canada so big
    Me: because canada is second biggest country that's why

  7. No no germany is against rules from both games 💀💀💀

  8. I play all those games that drew played all of them

  9. Quincy QWC: Stop CBWRP and CBNRP

  10. I always play the second game you played.

  11. Ilive in sri lanka the country is an island and it is 3000 years old

  12. I love the first game (countryball world) play it al the time

  13. Drew durnil u should have buy paint bucket in cbw

  14. World after america nukes Japan: 😅
    World after Russia destroys German empire, No-no Germany, and then saves Donbas and Lugansk from 8 years bombing: 😡

  15. nobody:
    ABSOLUTELY nobody:
    Canada: I love ✨HELICOPTER ✨

  16. You can get no Germany in world of countryballs

  17. in CBW you have to buy paint for 300 points

  18. thats just me and my comrades rping in real life be like

  19. Gabriel Vitório o Gato Countryballs says:

    Hii te game If i play its World of countryballs

  20. "Hello philippines! Wanna be re-colonized by me?"
    me knowing how good life was in the USA ages:

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