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I found the most PLAYED ROBLOX Games of all time.. 😳😰 #shorts

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  1. Him: your favorite game is adopt me

    Me quitted adopt me a year ago

  2. He forgot bedwars bro lollll bedwars has 4.7B visits I think

  3. What’s your favorite game I bet it’s adopt me

    Wait that still exists?

    I play arsenal

  4. bro nobody under 4 plays adopt me 💀💀💀

  5. Whats your favorit game
    -everithing that tanqr play

  6. Adopt me just why adopt me out of every good game you pick the worst game

  7. Nahhh that shit should’ve been sonic speed simulator💀💀💀

  8. Tower defence simulator has 1.9 billions visits…..

  9. People in toh be like: throws phone out of the window
    People in adopt me be like: pls free pet
    People in brookhaven be like: be my baba grill🥵

    Me: 🗿

  10. As someone who play Bees Swarm daily its not pay to win

  11. What's ur favourite game, I bet it's adopt me

    Used to be obsessed with adopt me but my fav game is blox fruits and bedwars

  12. My favorite games not even on here, it's called Misfits High, it's where you can do stuff like in robloxian highschool, like adjust your clothes and stuff, but it's more versatile in what you can do, it's also got a horror esc theme and a more classic feel, I love it

  13. zaga the meme red pen tophat clan 🇮🇩 says:

    My favorite game is adopt me and jailbreak and epic minigames
    And transformers rp and robloxian highschool and natural disasters

  14. Blox fruits has had almost the whole world visited in the game

  15. "What's your favorite game I bet it's adopt me."

    Cheese escape.

  16. I can't believe adopt me is famous 🙊
    Probably it's the jobs update

  17. "What's ur favorite gams" I bEt iTs adOpt mE"

    Me: no murder mystery 2

  18. me being chill: im chill
    when i see adopt me is in the top

  19. Little does he know dogs eat fancy steak

  20. My favorite game is rather Royale high and fashion famous And also mega obby

  21. This is super outdated shindo life bas 2b visits now

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