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I found the most PLAYED ROBLOX Games of all time.. 😳😰 #shorts

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  1. My favourite games on Roblox are 3008,EVAD, Blocksburg, I kind a like doors

  2. “What’s your favourite game? I bet it’s Adopt Me.”

    Doors, nico’s nextbots, Evade

    Controversial opinion but Adopt Me is literally the game I hate most on Roblox right now

  3. "What's your favorite game, I bet it's Adopt Me!"

    Wcue and tower of hell: Ummmmmmm excuse me-?!

  4. “ur fav game prob adopt me”
    breaking point 🧍‍♂️

  5. Like the vid if you love ADOPTME❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. My fav games currently are royal high (I’m half half surprised it got a high visits thing) and work again pizza place!

  7. °•𝕊𝕨𝕖𝕖𝕥𝕊𝟘𝕦𝕝𝕫•° says:

    My game is Royale High

  8. Blox fruit has 8.1B visits and has 744k players avrage a Day ???

  9. bloxburg and mm2 and tower of hell are my fav!

  10. Dude Brookhaven has 22mil an adopt me have 24mil!!

  11. “what’s your favorite game?I bet it’s adopt me”
    Me:Nah,it’s Evade and Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition

  12. ofc tds is in here and doors is more good

  13. I love to play kp or you can call it kaiju paradise

  14. Me: if it’s not meepcity I’ll eat cat food


  15. "What's your favourite game? I bet it's adopt me"
    Royale High, Brookhaven, Tower Of Chocolate: Yeah, no

  16. This is fake because there is only 4 or 5 billion people alive in the world right now and there is not over. (Researched, adopt me thing was correct but not many people actually visited it because then the WHOLE WORLD played it which is fake, not even everyone has roblox)

  17. My favorite roblox game is roblox bedwars if you agree like

  18. Me
    I love

  19. What’s your favorite game I bet it’s adopt me it’s literally freaking royal high

  20. This crazy person: I bet it is adopt me Jailbreak: am I a joke to you

  21. What's your favorite game it's most likely adopt me it's natural disaster

  22. bro wanna know how this is outdated tds got 2b visits and tds got like 900m here and it’s not just a old vid it’s a 8 day old video

  23. The fact that adopt me hit 1b+ ppl playing when mythic egg came out 🗿🗿

  24. I was like BOI IT OS MEET CITY 🙁 I miss those times

  25. WhAtS yOuR fAvOrItE gAmE
    Me when Bloody Ragdoll Engine

  26. Ok so when I was younger I ate a dog treat.. I tasted good tho ( looked like a Oreo)

  27. I ate dog food when I was younger, I swallowed it

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