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I Found The Most RACIST Games on Roblox

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wow maskedarab is back to being a gamer

well this is not your typical Arab ROASTS Racist People on Omegle (AGAIN !!!)
or Arab ROASTS Racist people on Omegle
or LOCATION Airstrike on Racist People on Omegle
or but i honestly hope you like it… maskedarab or masked arab is trying gaming for now i guess.


  1. When he said this is Saudi Arabia he drove past a gun shop-

  2. I love roblox Becuz I’m 9 years old Becuz I’m lovin :]

  3. I am not Muslim. But I respect and wish only the best for you all. I love people from other countries. I am 1 fourth Iranian and am proud to be. (We are not Arab but all respect to you if you are) I hate it when the first thing that comes to mind is terrorism. Many Iranians are sweet beautiful people and same with Arabs. Persian is a beautiful language. Arabic is a beautiful language. Racism is wrong.

  4. Last time I checked it channel u had 500k subs now u 2M subs sheesh

  5. racism and stereotypes honestly have gotten out of hand. Even as a filipino, i am disappointed at the media and internet.

  6. As a Muslim I’m sad what the Americans think who we are

  7. man those people took the fake version of muslims (terrorists) too personaly💀💀💀

  8. البراء محمد عوض الله الحربي says:

    Bro they are thinking arab is having dangerous guns and usa selling guns and weapons for protecting them self I dare u see some ppl do this weird stuff in the weeks

  9. Amazing video dude, but the game that you approved had a gun shop and I think you didn't notice it? It was at 8:31

  10. I’m a Christian but I hate what people are doing to Muslims and arabic people
    ✝️ ❤️ 🇸🇦

  11. I’m Buddhist and I respect you and your religion don’t let people choose your fate bro only allah does.

  12. damn i thought roblox would get rid of these games

  13. 8:31 he says finally a non stereotipical game but look at the shop in the background

  14. your sisters account is called MaskedArab?

  15. كانت معظم تلك الألعاب بالتأكيد تجربة حقيقية في المملكة العربية السعودية

  16. nahh, bacon hair? I shall have the Taliban on you right away.

  17. Its sad that a platform with so much potential has people who create racist games, and roblox could have stopped this if they didnt invest into AI moderation and didnt fire their best moderator…

  18. did u know that egypt is the 5th rank in racism

  19. In saudi Arabia almost 97.9% is desert

  20. Can u play king legacy where u have kill harem guys with ur halal power

  21. Another bomber too?
    Im also an bomber you know what i bomb?

    Toilets Including School toilets

    This is just a joke dont take it seriously

  22. Well I've been on Roblox for a long time you haven't seen nothing yet that is literally a simulator of America and Mexico like border simulator you play as a Mexican or an American

  23. Salams brother Apparently Salaah is the key to paradise

  24. Soviet soldier anti Nazi (ssb2 player) says:

    I watch streaming from Indonesia hes muslim

    Hes join game name mosque in brintish in roblox hes join hes look britain soldier kill muslim and the comment "WHY BRITAIN KILL MUSLIM"

  25. I think the creator was ment to say (welcome to Afghanistan)

  26. who even searches up these games anyways?

  27. You should realise that theese were made by 4 year olds with free models not proffesional developers no scripting no nothing

  28. Wait until he figures out about Bacon Hairs…

  29. You cannot have steroids in a roblox game but this is allowed?!

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