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I got Angel 3rd Gear #roblox #games #bloxfruits

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  1. Bro use controller and thats all but on pvp its a little bit hard

  2. Tip to help you move around: you could connect a like PlayStation controller to your phone

  3. I got all gears in one day in 45 min didn’t lose trials once all in pub servers and didn’t fail trials once the whole time

  4. Wow so fast you make all things can do in blox fruit with combat

  5. Bro fails the most eazy of the trail😂

  6. Me looking who got mirage like 20 times but didn't found gear 💀

  7. Can u help me get v4 shark I pay u perm ice plasa my user was Mark_Andrew36 thx

  8. Bro has all race v4 and still has combat💀💀

  9. me too i dont like play with minie joystick its so hard😢
    pls roblox update

  10. Me who already got it full gear max train

  11. i found out that if you use a fast accesesory then just skip two clouds in one jump makes it easier than to kill a 50k hp sb with magma but if this doesnt help go play some toh

  12. У них вобще вопросов нету про эту песню респект автору

  13. He can fly now i dare you to get godhuman for 100k likes ok

  14. Man why did you choose prince of the skies king's rule is better 💀😭

  15. combat again😅😅😅😅😅😅❤😊

  16. Can i do trails with you? My usrname is tahjmultimedia

  17. The song: 😊😊

    Me : chipi chipi chapa chapa dubi dubi daba daba magico dubi dubi boom boom

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