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I GOT BANNED from EVERY HOUSE in Brookhaven

Maya Clara Gaming
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I GOT BANNED from EVERY HOUSE in Brookhaven! In this video, I am showing you how to get the banned from every Brookhaven house and how to get into banned houses Brookhaven new update! I am testing these crazy Brookhaven TikTok secret hacks! But I found some really scary secrets about Brookhaven new Christmas update! I caught a ghost on camera at 3am while testing new Brookhaven TikTok hacks in ROBLOX BROOKHAVEN 🏡RP!





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  1. Love u guys are the best

  2. You can never get banned from a motel

  3. Are you get banned every house? You have to give me roebucks

  4. How do you flood the house Maya and

  5. The reason you can't be banned from the motel is because it's a public place so is you get banned you can't go in the hole building hope that helps

  6. How did you guys become a ghost I want to know and also can you send me a hello plz

  7. Omg hi it's me Maya again I love your vid

  8. Hi you guys are my favorite YouTubers ever I watch all your YouTube videos on my mom's phone but I'm watching them on my tablet now so I love them

  9. You cant get banned from a motel in the game because its a motel

  10. Hey maya and Luna I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really loveee ur vids I just just just want to sub like a 100M times!!! 😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉

  11. love your vids thanks for checking the new update

  12. Maya you guys I sent you a friend request and you never excepted it and I’m a really big fan I have been following for 19 years

  13. The reason you can’t get banned is cause you might be in the same room like if your roleplaying and when you don’t like them with you you try but you cant

  14. Another. Ban hack is saying your ugly or ban me rob them run break in

  15. I love your vids they make me laugh so much

  16. U guys should friend three besties in ur Roblox group and then say yes to them for a whole rp

  17. It’s wasn’t a glitch when he couldn’t ban you it’s because you can’t get banned by someone who owns the hotel

  18. On the first try, they were literally wearing pink. Like what does it matter? They said like sorry no we can’t invite you because you’re wearing pink.

  19. Hey can you please add me on Roblox please my is bellaskye143 thank you very much and I like your videos and I like your hard work Everybody please of subs plz

  20. I love your video so much they are amazing you're doing all the hard work and you're my favorite youtuber and you're The best youtuber You've been working hard#bestiesquad

  21. Hi maya and Luna pls friends me my name is Caritas0980 pls friends me


  23. Hi Maya and Luna I love your videos so much 💖

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