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I Got Banned From Official Roblox Game…

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I got banned from official game in roblox…
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In this video I play roblox game about Nike shoes… but I ruined it and got banned from it lol


  1. Dang james has like more power to broke every game like this one

  2. Imagine little Timmy logging on and instantly crashing from the sight of the waffle iron paradise

  3. Eventually your gonna get banned from Roblox itself man.
    Just wow

  4. When people talks about the metaverse, this is what they are referring to, an unified place to bombard you with ads hidden as an experience.

  5. When you promote child labor items with child labor games

  6. "that's how you create a wormhole and doom us all" Ah, a fellow Scientist willing to wage nuclear war against the tyrannic rule of Shitcurity.

  7. I'll never understand why people get such a boner over excessively expensive shoes that'll likely fall apart when exposed to a drop of rain.

  8. the way Jameskii says Nike makes me question if I'm saying it wrong or he's weird

  9. Jameskii I know the struggle for views but please don't clickbait it's well annoying

  10. so noone is going to talk about how the whole video was a click bait ?

  11. actually lying? "I got banned" but doesn't show that you got banned?
    you're a fraud.

  12. Nike should hire you for pointing out their flaws, you're doing work for them for free basically

  13. I was promised getting banned and I got disappointment now I’m sad 🙁

  14. You know. I am actually quite scared of James's power to destroy every game he finds. He's too powerful.

  15. "is there a limit on how many I can have?" Sounds like let's game it out junior would say

  16. james u need to play shrek the force awakens best roblox game of all time!!!!

  17. Jokes aside, this amount of advertising in a kids game should be illegal

  18. Comforting to know corporation's wanna brainwash children with familiarity so they see it in a positive lighy and want to stick with that brand

  19. while watching this i got banned on roblox for a day

  20. Jameskii: "Behold, my Nike waffle iron masterpiece."
    Everyone else's computer: *Instantly explodes*

  21. Isn't marketing to children supposed to be illegal

  22. Finally no more copy and paste thumbnails

  23. I don't see the part where you got banned/kicked

  24. Real OG Metaverse Gangsters remember the "Why Did They Do This" of the Official Weather Channel world in Second Life.

  25. Did he… actually make a clickbait title?

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