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I made a DISTURBING Roblox find the markers game…

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Today I play knock off Roblox Find The Marker games and I decide to create my own roblox find the marker game except with scary elements


  1. what I've done: eat baby's flesh crush someone's skull EAT A BABY

  2. I a mobile user is offended cause he was mean to a mobile user and didn’t say no offense so HA APOLGY VIDEO

  3. Albert: they turned me into a badge
    Description: They held me at gunpoint to add this
    Albert: i d o n t c a r e

  4. “It has to get pretty serious, for roblox to deny money“ 💀

  5. its funny how the sword fighting for robux challenge there was also a "smokes in babys face" (5:33)

  6. I played your find the Markers Game it was awesome

  7. Pixel golden Scout • 7.7B Views • 3 days ago says:

    this game is actually inspired by BFB :/

  8. Ayman omary the person that’s 7 years old says:

    Hey flamingo can you actually try to make a find the markers game? I’ll play it if you do so. (I’m not saying I hate you I just think that you’ve done too many lie games)

  9. Flamingo you should play find the pop tarts! It has die mart in it :))

  10. I think he killed cereal in his past life

  11. :find the markers
    Flamingo: no… find the jumpscare

  12. OMG I join your game and I it was scary and funny idk why it’s funny lol

  13. can you make a disturbing royale high imagine if you made that🥲

  14. Im confused i found the game and the account albert made the game on but the account says it was made in 2008?? Someone please tell me-


  16. every one in your game is brainless admin commands are ; instead of : they are using : instead of ; but the admin does not work

  17. yea but albert and evyone owners always give him admin but her vid are funny tho

  18. so create a crazy and scary game named cut your hand then you get robux!!!!

  19. i don't think that was THE ORIGINAL find the thing game. just maybe the only one that appeared on the explore page as in got popular. i do remember some before that markers one

  20. Did anyone notice when they get jumpscared they get brown and yellow hair?😭

  21. You know that girl named Pepe she gets to leave actually it’s pretty mean that you are just making everyone’s day worse but it’s funny either way if you don’t do it 2 times

  22. When Your on the past and I'm on the future
    Find The Markers(211)

  23. Dude for the fnf one you should like make it so when you touch it you should have to sit through an entire fnf song

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