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I Made A POPULAR Roblox Game In 24 Hours!

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I spent 24 hours trying to make the best roblox simulator game like pet simulator x or sonic speed simulator! IT was an incredibly hard challenge and i think i did a pretty good job!! Watch till the end for a cookie :)!!!!

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*huge pet!??*
*cat hoverboard*


  1. Man woke up and started playing roblox but he fogot to brush ;-;

  2. hi i play your game all day you give 2 huge my uesrname baykhmer

  3. i love all of your vids. and i like and sub and also keep the good work!

  4. THATS MY CLICKING MODEL! Well the one that doesn’t have pet system

  5. you’re almost exactly like me lol xD. but unlike you i am a professional scripter

  6. hey whats the kit you use? for the clicker stuffs

  7. Hi can you try my game on video it was hard to make but i did it name:Big Skin Simulator (Beta)

  8. i really wanna make a game called hacker simulator X

  9. me making roblox and see this video huh lol

  10. k now i know the name of game and i LOVE it good job man

  11. Yoo love the vid, next time hmu if you need a scripter!! (2+ years of experience, and I'll do it for free!)

  12. I did the same thing and I played you games I played

  13. Clickbait game isnt very fun dont want to be negative

  14. Didnt u have at like december 16k follower and now u have 85k almost

  15. Never seen you before.. But This vid is so good I am subbed Gonna watch your other vids!

  16. great game pls bring more updates soon and make it easy pls

  17. add an anti afk farm thing like make them spawn random location in the prison and make an anti no movement thing
    or anti no click or ect

  18. i played the game i love it but the obby is broke u cant beat it

  19. hey when u did the pet sim x thing in studio, how did you do that?

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