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I Made a RAP BATTLE Game With VOICE CHAT.. (Roblox)

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I Made a RAP BATTLE Game With VOICE CHAT.. (Roblox)

Alright guys. I am back haha. Its been a little since i uploaded on this channel and i missed you guys. Anyways I made rap battles with voice chat and it was really funny. leave like and sub!!!!


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  1. How to get voice chat plssss tell me i wanna try it:(

  2. not me singing 'ISABELA ur bfs here seven foot frame rats along his bwck and when he cals ur name it alk fades to black he sees ur dreams and feasts on ur screams'

  3. Tapwaters aka the real tap is only the one and only tap

  4. The hunter spirit anims and playing roblox says:

    Bro you sound like tap who likes bed wars bro

  5. Idea: whenever you say it’s a master A monster pops up

  6. Auto Rap Battles Lyrics: o canada our home and native land

  7. Eminem would like to know your location

  8. I saw this and I just said "did this guy really put taptap in his game thumbnail" then I saw this Vid lol

  9. When you say "I love my house" your house will turn into a gigantic trash and it will keep throwing trash on you until you get out of the field

  10. I m new but why dose he sound like tapwater i dont hate that bc he sound like tapwater but tell me pls

  11. I dot have Voice chat but I dot need to play that game

  12. Idea:when someone join without voice chat they can't go in to stage they only watch the rapper's

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