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I Made A Roblox Game in 1 Hour vs 10 Hours

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Play Lunchables City Slam Survival

Play Block Survival (made by ME in 10 hours)

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  1. you should add a height limet so people dont just build up

  2. im kinda late but you should add that if there are more blocks on a y layer the structure is stronger

  3. I think it will be fun if u could break other building 🤣

  4. I think you should add acid rain when you stay outside when it's the acid rain the damage increases and add a hidden secret item does make you break trees faster and makes you build fast

  5. Wow very interesting vid! You earned a sub.

  6. make a game but you have a whole month to make it theme: Fps game

  7. Man i just started scripting and youre actually goated in scripting if your able to make this so fast, how long have you been scripting for?

  8. Alvin – So, let's just make a simple script-

    Creates a whole Black hole core blueprint

  9. I dare you make make a zombie game with animetion

  10. DISASTER IDEA: GIANTS COME AND DESTROY your BUILDS (pick a random avatars from the game players)

    GAME IDEA: SUPER POWER GAME PASS (1hour of auto builds with cool telekenises animation)

    Extra idea mice come and eat your builds (lol)

  11. For getting your game monotized you could make it so people can buy coins and the coins could be used to get better backpacks to store more block and better tools to get the block faster. For robux you could make an infinite backpack that well has infinite capacity. And another idea you could make different maps so the players don't get bored by seeing the same map over and over and over again. (Sorry for spellingand gramatical mistakes english isn't my first language)

  12. 1. I think you should add more blocks, so there can be more blocks that are more powerful!!
    But you have to pay more for them. 2. I think you should add more disasters like, lighting, zombies, and fire spread 3. I think you should add more to the map like, rocks, easter eggs, and random NPCs

  13. acid rain and lighting fpr the ppl who build up

  14. I don't speak English, but i like this chanel👍🏻

  15. when you make a 100 hour version make it so that there is a mode where the last one standing wins until the last player survive the disasters will keep coming

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