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I made a Roblox quiz game… and slowly made it messed up

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Today I made and advertised my own Roblox quiz game… except I added a bit of a twist to it


  1. 2:42 Write down the username of anyone who plays this game if they get past this one, THEIR A TERRIBLE CHILD! And yes she is! [Albert is a terrible child!?]

  2. Mobile users get the roll thing rarely so..

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  3. " Dont cheat on your wives, cheat on your husbands though" Albert, 2020

  4. I can picture little Albert playing with his cars making them crash and run people an everything over while planning world domination

  5. capybara fan (roblox account brigpiggy) says:

    Add More Mario's

  6. Gutentag Reichland [Countryballs team king] says:

    Suggestion: update the game with 100 Mario's and 100 Luigi's after that PUT 1000 PEACHES

  7. Name of people who got past is your mother fat:itsmekalub,superior,H8UUHVRFH8H9 and locomotor and the final one taya

  8. I like how a
    Albert burps “maamaa”even though he never had one

  9. For some reason this is the funniest video to me the way he says Mario and stuff is funny to me 😂

  10. MARIO!! got me dead when he said that

  11. Roblox's verification system is Almost impossible

  12. I I don't have have to do that because I have an iPad

  13. Who’s still watches his old vids in 2023? 😂

  14. All the people typeing mario mario mario mario mario
    Mario mario

  15. add 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 mario

  16. I came back after 3 years just to tell you that you should do these kind of videos again

  17. i still remember the quiz where every door was Mario

  18. Can you not make the " Do you forgive me?" Part NOT A TRAP OR ELSE IM GONNA DISLIKE THE GAME

    Edit: my user is Kittensare_supercute

  19. Pov five yr olds on tiktok:_ You can live with sword of them. If you're going here for your own life gotta. The only for the 0 years. Edit and the link to get glitch grabs the year 4 times in my head to me when he is awesome and that's the only way too far from him and he has a very long. The quite short story I :random people : yes

  20. NICE SCAAAAAAMSssssssssssssssssssssssss

  21. If anyone wants the door script at 1:55 then umm, here it is i guess: door = script.Parent –this is the door

    function onChatted(msg, recipient, speaker)

    — convert to all lowercase

    local source = string.lower(speaker.Name)
    msg = string.lower(msg)

    if (msg == "insert name here") then  –take out the "insert name here" part and type in what you want the person to say
    door.CanCollide = false  –Dont touch anything else
    door.transparency = 0.7
    door.CanCollide = true
    door.Transparency = 0


    function onPlayerEntered(newPlayer)
    newPlayer.Chatted:connect(function(msg, recipient) onChatted(msg, recipient, newPlayer) end)


  22. Now, if we look 3 years into the past.. We get the peek of flamingo.

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