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I Made My Own Roblox Anime Game, ITS FIRE! 🔥

Red Weeb
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  1. Is this like a anime battle ground game or like a bandit beater like we’re u fight waves of npc

  2. Could you make the game playable on Xbox plsss

  3. Game hasnt come yet and its alredy. Best game fr

  4. I'm so up for your game I will support it of course

  5. will there be blood in this game
    i feel like it would be a good touch.

  6. I hope it doesn't lag on my potato phone cuz i wanna play the game so bad 🔥🔥

  7. make that you need to press buttons so it will be a little harder fr fr

  8. And now look at my eyes im not scared of you anymore

  9. Subbed the anime united channel can’t wait for it to release!

  10. bro you can be that good at making a game but u decide to make a game that hundreds of people have made

  11. Really glad your adding yorichi bc like no roblox anime game adds him

  12. Redweeb, any chance you're looking for testers? I could be a tester if you're looking for some I have great experience.

  13. What kind of game is this supposed to be? Is it gonna be a pvp only or pvp/pve is it gonna be open world?

  14. Red i have a question what type of game would this be like a Aba game or something like shindo but with more anime?

  15. Red Weeb can you add Avatar The last airbender Aang.

  16. Looking good and im excited for it. Im a big fan of naruto ninja storm four and I realy like how you have an ultimate that plays an animation in your game just like ninja storm four. Also im so excited that we are getting a quality anime game that isnt just one piece lol.

  17. I saw in your discord you upload anime hair styles so can you please make one for mina-, I mean make one for realy fast ninja man

  18. Pls dont make the server limit hight make it like 12

  19. If you add light his ult can be his combat and wtv and then he can do that insane laugh and then write the opponent name in the book and then the player should be able to choose the pushiment and they are Car accident Gun shot or anything else, and when they choose Ryuk comes out and take them to that event

  20. what app did you use on pc to make the powers?🤗

  21. Red can you add xbox support if you created it

  22. go all out
    this game looks fire just hoping the mechanics work as they are intended

  23. You prolly won't see this but please add kokushibo

  24. bro not hating here and no offense But project slayers is gonna be the best until u will realease it ok but no offense im just correctiong u in my opinion and again im sating no offense its just my opinion and maybe u guys disagree so just saying that its kinda true

  25. but ur game is really cool i will be waiting to try it

  26. My Big Vision For The Game Is That It Brings New Life To The Anime Community And Isnt Just Another Boring Game, Also This Will Be Available On All Platforms So I Gotchu My Mobile/Xbox Homies!!!

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