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I Made The Most Pay To Win Roblox Game..

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The most pay to win Roblox game, where you have to pay to do almost everything!

The game, if you’re interested:

Discord Server:

Video edited by @FrancoJ


  1. Those people are probably proud of their idea being used in a game

  2. 4:26 @AlvinBlox I found a jojo reference jumping at the cage (using Star Platinum Ora Ora Ora voice)

  3. You should make it so walking and getting out of jail are different gamepasses

  4. I might make something more EA like more than this one

  5. idea: you see the top garden or smth in the game right? add stairs/ladders to get up and add some entertaining things, can have a 'purchase all' button for permanent, (the amount is 1k/2k or anything around 1k+) and u should add a teleporter for obbies or more fun things like a chatting hub for ppl that has the permanent wins (or name is anything) game pass, that's better since they can make friends and chat more.

  6. Make it so you need to breath to live and when you die you gotta pay to be alive again and you need to pay for breaths

  7. That's more robux than I've had in my life

  8. You got 10k robox bc i spent 10k on it 😂😂

  9. U can only walk on mobile technically you run around

  10. If I make a game i’m gonna make it like adopt me and fill it with pets and other junk on april fool’s day

  11. •𝙳𝚄𝙲𝙺𝚈𝙿𝙻𝙰𝚈𝚉• says:

    Maybe you can make how much steps you cAn TAKE k

  12. Can you make this something we can put in our own game?

  13. How do u check how much hours u got on a roblox game?

  14. how did you code it that you can only walk when you bought the item?

  15. HELLO AlvinBlox, i have a game idea that i want to make, but need help with a little thing. you think you could help me or sum?

  16. You should make something so you can throw food at the prisoners

  17. do robux obby i havent have 1 robux pls do a robux obby pls

  18. Keep joining different servers, so they will join you and buy more walks


  20. What weird/wacky games should I make next?? 😂

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