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I Played 100 RANDOM ROBLOX Games And This Is What Happened

Luke TheNotable
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In this video, I, Luke TheNotable, play 100 random games in Roblox! It was a journey! Subscribe and like for more Roblox content!

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  1. If he played welcome to bloxburg he would freak out because he can't walk through the doors you have to press e and realistic animals the butterfly is the most realistic

  2. He should play typical colors 2 if he does 200 days

  3. Do Dummies vs noobs! and noobs in combat please

  4. Play dark magic 2 and abyss world Rly hard to spend robux in them btw

  5. I remember playing speed run 4, crying multiple times on multiple levels, and playing build to survive, where I built a massive rainbow box and nothing got in

  6. Airship assault is kind of like a more polished zeppelin wars

  7. Hey if you you're do another 100 games in roblox you should play decaying winter fun game

  8. bro said recoil is better than phantom forces and other games 😭

  9. Roblox would be so much better if it all wasnt copy and pasted same old content with just a different "goal" like the millions of simulators that just have different weapons or things to click for pets, They rely children buying pets to live practically.

  10. Luke can you play bloxfruit it'll be nice 😊(you gonna lose your mind that game destroyed me)

  11. You only like games your good at unsubscribing

  12. Next time if you want to play Roblox, play the game called the intruder it’s a fnaf style analog horror

  13. try arsenal (if u like getting destroyed by aimbotters and tryhards)

  14. I have tons of underrated(?) games to recommend!

    – RPG ELEVATOR (amazing visuals, fighting is cool, loved the grind)
    – Chaos at the Bistro (very fun, you can even chill with players if you find the right people)
    – BECOME OP (better with friends, unlike most roblox games)
    – Burger Game (better with friends, just a nice cooking game)
    – RREVENGE OF THE SLIMES!!! (fun to grind and come up with new strategies)
    – Countless Worlds [DEMO] (love the gameplay)
    – County Jail Roleplay (for those that actually want a good prison game)
    – Idiotic Investing (fun when youre bored)
    – The Mystery of Duvall Drive (amazing visuals)
    – rulost (one of my personal favorites, the visuals are so unique and the gameplay is turn-based which is very cool)
    – Cube Combination [WIP] (better with friends, combine cubes to make new items and defeat bosses)
    – Journey to the Sun (the soundtrack is lovely, the story is interesting, just a really nice obby/story game)
    – approaching bearable (hangout in nature)
    – Try To Die (read description) (fun to play)
    – Risky Ropes (just swing)
    – Decaying Winter (survival wave-based game, very hard, better with friends, personal favorite)
    – Randomly Generated Droids (rocedurally-generated roguelike focused heavily on sword-fighting mechanics, another personal favorite)
    – Inhumane (fun to test out new virus combinations)
    – Flooded area [Some Stuff] (dont die)
    – Survive The End of Roblox (fun to play for a few rounds)
    – Rail Frenzy (better with friends, unlike most roblox games)
    – general ragdoll chaos (title says it all)
    – [6.63] Boost Vector (racing game)
    – Handyman (fun to make new items)
    – Rate My Avatar (hangout game, most servers have sus people tho)
    – Verdant Moon (adventure fighting game, another personal favorite, the mechanics and the exploring itself is amazing)
    – Fantastic Frontier (rpg, extremely fun to explore and grind, the monsters look so cool)
    – Item Asylum (already in the vid, but its a personal favorite, randomized item fighting game)

    My Favorites:
    Decaying Winter
    Randomly Generated Droids
    Verdant Moon
    Item Asylum

  15. ธีรเดช วนาศิริ says:

    I sniped someone with a pistol in foam frenzy

  16. @LukeTheNotable play Breakify’s Gun Testing place, it’s actually pretty fun

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