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i played ALL the TDS games.. | ROBLOX

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tower defense simulator is not the only tower defense game, i played every tower defense game that i could find proper for a review and play them


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  1. bloons td was the first game and its not in roblox

  2. Bro didn't even play all star tower defense 😞😞😞😞

  3. You forgot tower blitz. Better with tds but 2 level path

  4. John you should start playing tower heroes it is 10x more balanced than tds (which isn't saying much) but still + it has a raid maps feature that I don't wanna spoil but all im gonna say is you build your own path

  5. John u should talk about the first player that played tds first. (Like first first, more than first, maybe talk too below so u can know)

  6. John roblox: Simulators me don’t like

    Also him: likes tower defense simulator

    insert john laugh


  7. “all tower defnese games in roblox”
    Cool thumbnail. That’s all I have to say

  8. Forgotten games list:
    Bootleg Tower Battles
    Bootleg Bootleg Tower Battles
    Evolution Evade
    Base Tower Defense
    Totally normal tower defense gaem
    Tower Blitz
    World Defenders
    Critical Strike Tower Defense
    Cube Defense
    Retro Tower Defense Simulator
    Newbie Tower Defense
    Arena Tower Defense

  9. fun fact john dosent play astd
    aka the best tds game

  10. Gotta agree with John, I tried ammo tower defense and let me tell you, to call it a slog was an understatement
    If you had to leave in the middle of a game or lost the game, that was the worst thing to occur since it took a solid half hour to get back to where you were (or at least it felt like it). It is the cure to insomnia

  11. John roblox is a really cool guy with great quality Visio’s keep up the good work!

  12. You should play all star tower defense and Tower Blitz.

  13. "all tower defnese games in roblox".
    Like if you noticed.

  14. tower heroes best (not bias or anything totally)

  15. Also dont forget about evolution evade 😄😄😄


  17. 5:08
    I mean…. world defenders has guns for the user sooooooooooooooooooooooo

  18. Fun Fact all tower defense Games came from Bloons TD

  19. more correction (dont call me nerd): i played ALL the TD games… | ROBLOX

  20. hahhahahahahahahah you missed SCP tower defense

  21. jonh is best i am saving for jonh at retore tds

  22. I don’t care what everyone is saying but all I’m glad about is tower heroes got 5 johns out of 5

  23. Wait, you forget about Totally Normal Tower Defense Gaem, Name already shoked, yes?

  24. I made-up a fan made boss
    Meet Galar:The void creator
    Galar's voice lines:"So, your the hero these others talk about, how brave, yet it is time your light is gone"
    "The void will consume you"
    Triuphmant end of Galar:"No, NO, NOOOOO0() OOOOOO"

  25. Ultimate tower defense used to be super hero tower defense then one day they added like three anime characters then added more and it started to be a anime tower defense Rip off

  26. If you played utd for longer you would appreciate slot more I promise

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