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i played ALL the TDS games.. | ROBLOX

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tower defense simulator is not the only tower defense game, i played every tower defense game that i could find proper for a review and play them


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  1. John is addicted to tds he named the video "i played all the tds games on roblox" despite tds being a game while td being tower defence lel

  2. I recommend u play tower blitz It is TDS +Tower heros

  3. in Tower Heroes you have to get skins right like every TD game but some skins equip the tower with a gun if it makes sense.

  4. I love your vids and I am your fan and your trolling was cool :d

  5. Strength in numbers ahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahaha Also by the way I am commander

  6. You said "All tower defense games" where is cube defense?


  7. i mean he said "classic" tds when tds was a copy of tower battles

  8. Ngl the speedy boss from hardcore mode walks like the speedy in ammo defens

  9. Where towers blitz and project tower defense?

  10. None of these guys have a gun
    sas gun wizard noises

  11. Tower heroes is my game

    And I am the second final boss!

    Thanks for including tower heroes in this and rating it a 5/5

  12. Ammo tower defense was probably a project from only 1 developer which explains why the game lacks quality or animations. It's acceptable!

  13. i love all of your troling video and more thing
    can i do a faver like help me in nigh 3 and nigth 4 pls
    i wish you can see my chat i realy need your help

  14. Ammo Tower Defense, it doesnt have just 3 towers, in Standard+ difficulty, youre allowed to use Sergeant and Heavy Military

  15. Well you Didnt Play Evolution evade

  16. I like tower heroes take this advice of a child who likes cartoons

  17. I beat the first gamemode of armor tds/ gun or whatever i beat it its real hard

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