I Played CURSED Roblox GAMES..*it was weird*😳 - pixelbladegames.com

I Played CURSED Roblox GAMES..*it was weird*😳

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à­¨ hey besties!! today i’ll be playing super random and “sus” roblox games! if you enjoy this video and would like a part 2 be sure to like and subscribe! 😀

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cya! i love you guys mwaa!! ♡ ✧*。 *


  1. Can we just appreciate how bella tries her best and she actually makes it entertaining even if she dosent even try
    Edit: I know I'm late

  2. Bella is a queen
    She will never let us down
    Shes funny and kind
    And makes the crowd go wild
    She never gives up
    And always makes us laugh
    Lets get this queen to 300k
    So she can party. ❤️

  3. Hi IBella i'm new. And i really love you're video that i 1ts saw today!! I hope we get along over the year's when you make new video's!! 😊😊💖💖✨✨And oh before i go my roblox name if you want to friend me in roblox is… "ityourgirltiffanyy" And oh one more thing you name is a lovey name!!! 🤩🤩 And one last thing i'm sorry if i talk to much… "Hehe.." 😅 That's not my one last thing this is 👉🏻 Some time's i'm online not all the time. But hey it's ok!! i have thing to do in the real world so i can't be just playing on roblox all day long. Anyway's that's all i got to say bye and have a wonderful day Ibella!! 🌈🌈 ✨✨

  4. Hey an ibella no seb an 2 canal an no English 😭😭😭😭

  5. Me encatan tus videos💕👍

  6. GlowinqLayla ☻ #roadto600 #imgrowing says:

    one word: sus😳

  7. Honestly I haven’t done my Greek lessons in 2 years so I think duolimgo might kill me


  9. The girl doing a spilt might have been rec-

  10. ive played sussy imposter land with my cousin

  11. I clicked on add and played suusy imposter land lol 😂

  12. Can we agree when bella is busy she has time for us

  13. That was do funny and I hope you get 400k soon :3

  14. Your Sincerly Lover ☠️♥️ says:

    Almost 400k subs !!! Congratulations

  15. I found this sus game. It’s called material girl amogus destroys McDonald’s

  16. Omg I just played the su tart game like a min ago

  17. Bella I recommend you to use this roast if you ever go to rap battles: " You are so ugly Hello Kitty said goodbye to you!" it would make my year if you use it, also srry im a bit late-

  18. Hey your videos are amazing but do you know what switches you have on your keyboard they are AMAZING

  19. Hi Bella you make my day so much when I'm going to horrible stuff your amazing im a huge fan💖💖✨ ly💖

  20. when she said is that planet earth but its clearly planet peach

  21. •ᑭᗩᑎᗪYY_ᑭᒪᗩYᘔ• says:

    Bella Bella you said at the last part wich game we should pick u to play can u PLEASE play The Mimic Idk If you have played it before but PLEAS play it to ur Lovely fans 🥺 (Inconic Stare)

  22. If u ever want to do a part 2, I suggest u play “Survive Peaches in Area 51” by “duckwithhair5” ITS THE BEST GAME EVER

  23. sus rblx games um excuse me BeLlA remember hot micky mouse you made in that vid talkin about sus there

  24. omg your first game is sussy imp land is my fav

  25. Dæmon Wolf #prayingforukraine #quit says:

    Bella your sussy to!
    Sussiest youtuber on the platform

  26. The sun is not a planet bella it’s a star

  27. U make me laugh and ur the best u make me soo happy when im sad

  28. I actually played this game and my friend was admin and i had another friend with me in the first sussy game.

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