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I Played EVERY 3D Sonic Roblox Game In VR!

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Thumbnail Art: Thanks To Eriizz for the renders!


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0:00 Intro
0:17 Sonic Paradise
3:24 Sonic Speed Simulator
6:24 Sonic Ternate
10:56 Sonic Expedition
14:01 Project Superstars
14:51 Sonic Sandbox
19:22 Sonic Dash Engine+
20:56 Sonic Infinity World DX

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  1. I tried this once, and it’s pretty interesting…

  2. Have u played cookie run kingdom I think it’s a game you would like

  3. i was "iamgoinginsane" im happy im in a video and i subed

  4. Sonic morphs in Roblox pls sonic hub your my favorite YouTuber

  5. Yo SonicHub my birthday is tomorrow can you wish me a happy birthday? (Last time i tried but i didnt work very well)

  6. Please I’m one of the first please heart comment!!

  7. In sss im pretty sure u have to be a modern skin so u dont glitch in the head

  8. This video is very interesting and I can’t believe that you figured out how to play Sonic Roblox games in VR. I definitely think that you should drop a Part 2. These Sonic Roblox Games are honestly pretty interesting and I enjoyed them. Great video Chris)

  9. Really nice video. It's a really creative video. Also will you be doing a stream about sonic lost world today, cause in yesterday's stream you said you are gonna stream sonic lost world tomorrow.

  10. Great video, Chris! I actually enjoyed this VR video more than the last one. I also liked the first one, too, don’t get me wrong. I just think this one has more experience to it, you know? It’s definitely crazy play these Sonic Roblox games, and you should probably try it with other games like Sonic Frontiers, SA1, SA2, Generations, and stuff. Things look awesome when you play Sonic games in VR, like the mountains and maps look great! I also remember a lot of these games from the past from previous videos that you made, so I think it’s pretty cool revisiting them in VR. Maybe try doing VR in the actual Sonic games? If not, then that’s fine! Again, great video! You took your time with it!!

  11. I wonder how VR feels. With Sonic, I feel like you're just asking for motion sickness.

  12. I feel like this game is going to make me so sick in VR..

  13. I tried to play sonic simulation in vr bit all I get is a
    This game is not compatible with your device
    How do I play sonic speed simulator in vr please help

  14. Yo sonic hub my birthday was tuesday so can u pls say happy birthday

  15. I saw you online earlier playing but didn't know you were in VR!!

  16. theres a way to fix the camera locking up in 3rd person in the settings

  17. if you bwent into your settings then just click on coustom mode and you can turn fixed 3rd person cam off

  18. wait… a little cool thing I noticed in the thumbnail, it's that I recognized emerald model. I saw it on sketchfab and I used it

  19. every sonic game that doesn't work can work if you MESSED WITH THE SETTINGS

  20. This was a fire video! My favorite parts were the first person sonic vr games you played! When I get a vr headset I gotta try these games out.

  21. How come it doesn’t let me play Roblox on vr

  22. You could play as your avater, ik ppl will follow you but ya, Not sure tho

  23. yo for part 2 you can try project frontiers,its pretty good

  24. Yo Chris there’s this new Sonic roblox game called Sonic Showdown it’s really good!

  25. Just witching this video made me feel motion sick

  26. New myth there is a spring in hill top under that rail that goes in a loop and has a spring to bounce you back to this loop under it there is a spring that SA characters and android shadow ( I don’t know if they are in SA or SA2 ) have a diffrent animation on I’m a fan I’m subed can this myth be in the Next myth busting please?

  27. Play sonic.exe the disaster, it's a good sonic vr experience.

  28. Try playing sss as a normal roblox avatar that might make it better

  29. Myth for sonichub in sonic superstars in act sonic, super sonic can die to fangs lasers

  30. Sonic ternate he’s not going to update anymore because I drama

  31. Do you know if Trips is ever going to come to sss or Charmy and the others for that matter??

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