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I Played FAKE BedWars Games on Roblox

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I played fake Roblox BedWars games on Roblox… prepare for madness and cringe!

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  1. The second game if they named it bedwars hub

  2. gime a DV trophy if I trick you

    Read more

  3. That mario bedwars game is actually a template

  4. Check it when it says 6:00 mins look he lives in India it says Rs

  5. 9:91 that time the whole game is free from the start he make it in 1 min

  6. That modded bedwars ik that game it was from a tutorial is like you can make like 500k robux a year

  7. Anyone know why I can't use balloons? (On mobile)

  8. funny that roblox bedwars that we play today are also fake bedwars, it was first from minecraft and I think every game that is haveing similar gameplay and name is copying it. But it's little hypixel's problem because you can't play on their server unless you have original minecraft which is :C

  9. There a game that if you play you can't leave

  10. Comment somthing on this comment and I will edit it to be somthing bad

  11. bro fake bedwars games be like roblox bedwars

  12. hey dv! thanks for adding me to the price guide! im xrrv btw 😀

  13. 09:37 is just a normal roblox studio template

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