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I Played FAKE BedWars Games on Roblox

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I played fake Roblox BedWars games on Roblox… prepare for madness and cringe!

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  1. 9:14 Its a free game in roblox studio you choose game or plain or free game

  2. yo dv is there an update coming out tommarow

  3. I actually lost my 46 game streak to a hacker
    I was trying for a 100 game syreak

  4. please call them bootleg games, fake sounds offensive

  5. Pov:The new players be like
    New Player:wow there's so many game I'ma search bedwars"and he find the fake bedwars game"

  6. "I'm not gonna be playing the REAL bedwars today"

  7. actually roblox bedwars is a copy of hypixel bedwars too lol

  8. Bruh bedwars roblox is actually the copy of the mincraft bedwars the mincraft one is the real one

    Probably only 10 % of all the bedwars roblox player know the real one

  9. bedwars modded was a template game from studio

  10. the space to start one was a game made by roblox called line runner

  11. Tbh I hate bed wars they don't update island they kill my island they make island hard they eat my island they chubby island they they they they they…… I hate bed wars HATED ๐Ÿ›๏ธ ๐Ÿ”ซ

  12. When DV thought it is really good, but i can onyl see line runenr, he just add a bed, and the line runer is a tempalte form roblox studio, is a premade template so yah… not that great he jsut added bed bruh

  13. Some gears on Roblox have special abilities. A common key bind is Q. (Iโ€™m saying this because thatโ€™s how the person like the sphere around them when DV was on rip-off game Number 4.)

  14. The "real" Roblox bedwars is also fake bedwars

  15. Bro wth the "real" Bedwars is just a bad fake from minecraft (i know every1 said that about islands before to …)

  16. please ask the devs if they cloud help a mobile bug 1. sometimes u cant drop anymore?

  17. 09๏ผš37 is just a normal roblox studio template

  18. hey dv! thanks for adding me to the price guide! im xrrv btw ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. bro fake bedwars games be like roblox bedwars

  20. Comment somthing on this comment and I will edit it to be somthing bad

  21. There a game that if you play you can't leave

  22. funny that roblox bedwars that we play today are also fake bedwars, it was first from minecraft and I think every game that is haveing similar gameplay and name is copying it. But it's little hypixel's problem because you can't play on their server unless you have original minecraft which is :C

  23. Anyone know why I can't use balloons? (On mobile)

  24. That modded bedwars ik that game it was from a tutorial is like you can make like 500k robux a year

  25. 9:91 that time the whole game is free from the start he make it in 1 min

  26. Check it when it says 6:00 mins look he lives in India it says Rs

  27. That mario bedwars game is actually a template

  28. gime a DV trophy if I trick you

    Read more

  29. The second game if they named it bedwars hub

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