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I Played Roblox DOORS…

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  1. seek looked like a minion when i found the vid

  2. That monster is screech – Screech is a hostile entity in DOORS that resides in the Hotel. It has a chance spawn in any dark room. Upon spawning, Screech will float near the player, and after a few moments, players will hear a quiet static sound. Following that, Screech will emit a "psst" sound, and shake the player's screen. If players do not look directly at it within a certain amount of time, it will bite (attack) them, dealing 40 damage. If players do look directly at it, Screech will scream, and quickly retreat (despawn). Actively using or being near any light source decreases the chance of Screech spawning. Light sources can be shared with other players, and can be "stacked."

  3. When I played Roblox doors I quit on door number 11

  4. my answer to preston needing a star: he is a star

  5. When the lights blink you have to go in to the closet sure he canโ€™t get you

  6. Preston when the lights flicker go in the closet immediately or rush will get you

  7. I hate this guy his name is called screech

  8. You can hide from figure, but you only have to undo the heartache

  9. if it says shh! you need to look for it(screech) and you only get kicked out of the closet if you take too long in there

  10. That little guy that bit you at 4:20 his name is Screech lol

  11. hey there was not the red dot things in 2023

  12. also a tip that is impotant!
    when you see 2 doors with one de same number.
    that is dupe

  13. The black monster that makes pst*is screech then u hear pst*u need to look at screech immediately bc u lose damage and rush* then the lights are getting flicker u need to hide fast bc he will eat u *

  14. If you a pss sound the monster is coming

  15. Little rush๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. here all the entity in doors seek. halt. figure at door 50. ambush very low chance to spawn. figure at door 100. shadows the rarest entity to the game. screech who youtuber hate. guyding light the helper is the blue light if you're taking too long to find the key or lever guyding light will shine at the needed to be found. el cobrleno who loves money. jeff who sell some stuff just like cruise effect or skeleton key you can use to the infirmary room or you use it to get to rooms but you need to lock pick you'll need to be stuck out of money. window who can appear to the starter lobby. curious light who appear to the rooms.A-60 also appear to the rooms.A-90 who youtuber hate WHO ALSO APPEAR TO ROOMS. A-120 who also appear to the rooms. jack who appear to the closet very low chance of spawning to closet. the new entity dread you have to wait 1 hour to the game and go to room 13. the tablet you have to get to A-1000 to get this item.

  17. here's all items in doors. the tablet only can be found to a-1000. the lighter who lights up your avatar. flashlight who lights up wherever you look. bandage heals you a little bit. cruise effect if preston didn't know this is the cross item it's useful to you cast this vanish entity if you not do the right thing to do. skeleton key i already told that but here you can use to unlock the lock to the information room or use it to get rooms but you need 2 lockpick. the lock pick is there's a lock door will open it.

  18. also if the lights flicker it means ambush might come

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