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i played the WORST Roblox Games

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i played the WORST Roblox Games in the FIRST EPISODE of my new series! basically, I’m going to look at the WORST things on the internet. doesn’t matter what it is, I will do it. SO let me know what to do for episode 2!

0:00 Explaining the new series.
2:11 One of the most popular roblox games
5:33 A WEIRD roleplaying game

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  1. maybe the adopt me furry is because someone played on your acc

  2. 4:23 hopefully you know that's a real animal that's not from Minecraft.

  3. Adopt me was a ok game it was a generic role play games until they added pets and then they came like 5 billion scams and all tht

  4. im mad bc adopt me is the best. Its not cringey its just the people

  5. 1st you played with Dababy, then you played as the baby.

  6. Oy dj I have a weird game is called official neko gui (no bad control). The game is weird and sus

  7. I swear if you play the sus game again, i'm voting u out

  8. Adopt me is where you can take care of a pet dj if you don’t wanna cringe don’t come in to the houses dj

  9. Adopt me is a good game you just have to get a little farther in the game,and they are ranks of pets and etc.

  10. Play the worst car games on roblox that have the letter c

  11. i play roblox:( and i love adopt me and i have a 65 day streak in adopt me

  12. he would under stand this more if he was a roblox kid and 300 robux is like 4 dollars

  13. People are probably mad because he said adopt me was bad

  14. DJ your wrong roblox is a good game >:[

  15. Why are you joining RP lobby's in Roblox, you hate RP lobby's can see😂😂

  16. What is ur Username Also mom told that why my comment isnt pinned

  17. It’s my opinion but I actually love adopt me!

  18. “Finding the worst YouTube video ever”
    You already do that on your main channel

  19. Hi and te free Robux things in the internet are fake there's scams

  20. Oh about adopt me, at this point it's more of an RPG and trading game than roleplay now.

  21. 2:16 (Plays adopt me) Title: I played the WORST roblox games
    Me: Then whats this?

  22. Nobody:
    Me seeing a baby shouting "GEEVE MEE MILK" while running maniacally: Confused screaming

  23. dj theres some kid that tryed to expose you and one of the reason was cuz you dont play roblox XD check him out just type fortnite is not for kids and like the forth video or just type exposing dj cook XD

  24. Roblox: promised land of games made by 8 year olds

  25. Dj cook hi, I just wanna say can you play shindo life or blox fruits they both really good games if you can play I will be really happy thank you.

  26. DJ cook trash at rating roblox games adopt me is the second best game on roblox.

  27. I thought adopt me was 10/10 bad, because lots if scammers

  28. Are you a simp cus you have like 3 girl avatars

  29. Your content is so good i would pay dollars to watch your awsome content!

  30. Do you have any cool names for this series? I thought of “The Worst Ever”

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