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I Ranked My Roblox Games.. (Tier List)

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I Ranked My Roblox Games.. (Tier List)

okay so in today ‘s video I ranked all my roblox games on a tier list. It was honestly pretty funny but be sure to watch until the end and let me know what you guys would rate them in the comments. Alos be sure to leave a like and subscribe. Enjoy 🙂

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  1. wait it took me this long to figure out your tap water ;-;

  2. you're gonna have so much fun it doesn't work am not going to bully you but not gonne lie

  3. Honestly stranded have a incredible potential, i see me and other people playing it like it was with ooga booga back in a day, the game itself rn is ugly but with some work bro it gotta be incredible

  4. im just curios how do you enable voice chat in roblox

  5. Omg what about King on top or Dev on top

  6. Everyone just screaming in the chat to friend them lol

  7. I now you bed wars then do one like that tap water and I might join the game

  8. Brooo why are you voice changing ur not tap

  9. I like how he just went on a random guys island on block game and just destroyed it 😂

  10. you should make a game that you spend a long time working on, like a professional game

  11. I think you should fix tunneling simulator and make it a more modern game

  12. Out of all the games that you made the only one here that I played was Obby but speed rises every second and I hate lvl 7

    Edit:not hate because it's quite hard but I don't mean hate in a bad way

  13. wait tap has two channels? "TapWater, TheDevKing"

  14. Hey can you make a vid that how to script a block that makes you double jump plss

  15. Not gonna lie Stranded kinda looks like OOGA BOOGA to like in the bottom UI and the map itself.

  16. I think blocks should go in “okay” beacause sometimes it glitches lets me plave nothing and always doesn’t let me break blocks

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