I Reviewed My Subscriber's Roblox Games (He Made R$25,000,000 ROBUX!) - pixelbladegames.com

I Reviewed My Subscriber’s Roblox Games (He Made R$25,000,000 ROBUX!)

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I Reviewed My Subscriber’s Roblox Games (He Made R$25,000,000 ROBUX!)

Hey guys! Welcome back to a brand new roblox development video. In today’s video I reviewed some of my subscribers roblox games to see how good they were. There were some pretty interesting games lol. Anyways hope you enjoy be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more!

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So this series is meant for people who really want to learn exactly how to script, if that is you then I promise by the time you watch this whole series you will know exactly how to script on roblox. Anyways be sure to subscribe to see whenever I release a new tutorial and I will see you guys in the next one. Peace!


  1. can you update your discord link?

  2. Your telling me that this guy not tap is just takes vids of tap I'll tell him

  3. Fun fact:
    The Lost Land is a really big game now with over 20M+ visits

  4. i dont have discord and my parents wont let me get it

  5. PLS JOIN MY i hope you join: Biggest Roblox Maze [BETA]

  6. Can you give me roblox my name is big Noobinoobi

  7. I’m not sure if you covered this in the video or I missed it but airport tycoon is made by fat whale studios and so is airplane sim but it is a group of people I belive and I don’t think they would subscribe to you and give you their game to test. It could be a fan pretending to have a popular game but hey that’s just a theory a robloxgame theory

  8. Do you know any 3D molder app like blender but free

  9. Omg I finished the game like 5 times I didn’t know o this until now

  10. That lost land game why does it reminds me of booga wooga game.

  11. I dont think my game is good, isn't getting visits, so I'm gonna stop working if you didn't check out!

  12. how'd he see how many robux the games have made?

  13. Hey could you give my server a review please my roblox username is ElevenDegre

  14. can you make a video on make the car jump

  15. How some of the game links are webs💀

  16. Were you just reading your scrip the entire time

  17. how do you get the extension that shows how much robux a game has made?

  18. Whats the extension called where u see the stats

  19. I played airport tycoon! Its sooo good.

  20. Airport tycoon was my fav game I spent like 200k on it and now I am poor

  21. my name j2errorr277 i like if you play my game beta happy house restaurant

  22. Am I the only one that’s actually played the first game before-😅

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