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I RUINED HIS GAME by adding this..

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Dropkick –
EZ Dev –

Check out my brothers video about making the games:

►Code: sketch


► My Brother BANDI:


  1. I love Cowser's Bastle but the one thing I hate abt it is the skipping stairs kind of jump, sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's impossible

  2. Holy crap, there is so few comments for such a quality sketch video.

  3. 1M views, made 3 months ago, very high quality sketch content, AND YOU TELLING ME THERES ONLY 22 COMMENTS?

  4. I KNEW U GUYS WERE RELATED btw in one of ur brothers vids we can see ur face 🙈

  5. His realizing I’ve played both without knowing it was his bro

  6. when i played Cowser’s Bastle with my friends, i got first

  7. Sketch, I just gotta say, all of your videos make me so happy and your videos make my day, even when I'm feeling down. Keep up the good work and don't stop making people smile and laugh

  8. Sketch i bet u 1 robuc u cant beat me in dropkick :3 in your own map

  9. it mans me rage quit😤😭😤😭😤😭

  10. Here's a tip: when you want something to stand forever press the anchor button

  11. Hate the map the pillars are distracting me too much

  12. I had no idea he was the one who made that level. I always struggle on those levels

  13. Who’s older 💀💀

  14. Wait so that favorite map that i play in dropkick is sketch creation

  15. The craziest part is this was my favorite map, even before I watched this vid

  16. When I played that map I gained so much momentum I phased past the middle

  17. I didn't know sketch made the cowssers Basile map bro

  18. Now I just found this out bandy another one of those YouTubers I really like to watch Kitty sketches brother and that's just crazy like I never knew this until this video I was watching it on my

  19. I played this game and this is a good level

  20. friend me in roblox my name is i8onm0p5 says:

    oooooh that's why u sound exactly like bandi

  21. bro so you made that map i hate the most in that game !?

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