I Spent $10,000+ Robux on The Most PAY TO WIN One Piece Game on Roblox... - pixelbladegames.com

I Spent $10,000+ Robux on The Most PAY TO WIN One Piece Game on Roblox…

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I Spent $10,000+ Robux on The Most PAY TO WIN One Piece Game on Roblox…

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  1. Everything u did in the vid I did it within a month and free

  2. Bruhhh u just need to grind for those u got not so ez but not that hard soooo u just spent those robust for nothing

  3. Bro is a noob and say the game is p2w bruh

  4. I need that revive fruit and the OK. I already got every fruit in the game set for those two. I promise I will go home. I have every single fruit in the game but I have your account to get each route to because I just can’t have the storage.

  5. Bro now we know why your broke all the time😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. its not THAT p2w, you can get everything for completely free, but yeah it is stupidly expensive considering the fact that it takes less than a month to get maxed out in the game

  7. I wanna say soemthing rq people say this game is pay to win but it’s not u don’t have to pay for any of the gears u mostly grind for everything in the game but people have the choice to buy it so it’s not pay to win

  8. Ok hw i hope you read this i understand others want to see tou suffer want to see how much money will you lose ok so i don't care about other y'all's thinking but hw i feal sad for you now

  9. At I saw that u added coryxkenshin to ur intro u should add him in ur videos midway

  10. we just gonna ignore the game next to the one piece game?

  11. "One rubber shoudlent be that hard" stupidest words in history like bruv RUBBERS A SUB MYTHIC ITS LIKE DARK BUT BETTER 😂😂😂😂 OFC ITS RARE

  12. So we Gon ingore the jolyne feet game?

  13. Hehe I am higher bounty then u

  14. the only thing I'm gonna to say is gear 5 Cost so much Bros money had to be crying 💀

  15. Hw wallet be like whyyyyyyyyyyyy😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 the pain the pain

  16. U didn’t even realize u got phoenix

  17. There this thing it’s name is afk gear 2 days = 20k gems

  18. that gear 5 is so agly i want to bleach my eyes

  19. I only spent like 4 hours on raids to get it ( not including afk to get to the second sea )


  21. It’s not pay to win you just have a skill issue never spent a penny on that game lol

  22. wait till u play anime adventures, its worse than this

  23. Did i just see jolyne feet game 💀💀💀🗿🤨🤨

  24. Bruh the game isnt even p2w, i got better without spending a singel robux

  25. It is not pay to win you obtain everything without robux except a few ships

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