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I Spent 24 HOURS at Donation Games in Roblox

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as a roblox noob, I spent 24 hours at donation games to see how many free robux I could get with no sales from friends or anything. watch to see my funny moments and to see how much robux I actually ended up making at the end 😀

some songs provided by C418!!
outro song: C418 – certitudes


  1. I have seen that Flamingo is your friend right?

  2. I remember I went to 900 Raised into 2,700 Raised, that means 1,207 Pending, I love pls donate.

  3. Imagine playing pls donate play starving artist pls that's how I got my Drawing really good

  4. Corey has been offline for a year now.. i hope hes doing good since im friends with corey.

  5. 18:03 yea but YouTube pays you per views and monitization and from the starcode by Roblox sooooi pretty profitable especially when you have lots of views great monitization and subs

  6. Can we please have face cam
    Love your art btw❤

  7. I love how his cat is named lola
    Idk if its intentional but lola means grandma in Tagalog

  8. pov u just found a good and fun youtuber but latest video is abt 7months ago 🙁

  9. The clash royale made me laugh so long 😂😂😂😂😂


  11. I need a new temprist upload to keep me sane temprist where you at dude

  12. There is 3 Donation Game In roblox witch is Pls Donate,and the Painting One and last,Avatar Island

  13. that's pretty ironic because you make roblox videos for a living…

  14. The easiest method is probaly voice chat severs and not going AFK

  15. Just Here to Watch Videos and Sometimes Comment says:

    When are you going to make a new vid temp, or if you’re ever gonna make publish another one.

  16. leave a like if you enjoyed 🙂 also sorry this took so long, been trying to get better at this new video format

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