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I spent 500 DAYS Building My Roblox Game!

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I spent 500 DAYS Building My Roblox Game!
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In today’s video, we go over my entire Roblox development experience, and talk about what worked and what didn’t.

Start your dev journey here:

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  1. Why do you blur your face if you already face revealed

  2. Can we just appreciate that to lied and it took him 7 days cause his last vid was 7 days ago💀

  3. I suggest you to make a flee the facility type game

  4. i kinda neeed some tips on scripting and building you did awesome on your journey

  5. i need a good idea to try and make i game (i have no experience at all)

  6. I didn't realise you made all these games keep up the good work love it all.

  7. dang dude, i NEVER have decent ideas, i have the skill to do basically everything now that i've been on roblox development since a good years, if your game ideas came to my mind i would be frickin rich

  8. Why activate windows when you can make cool games?(And Robux!)

  9. Yo do you want to compete in a obby for 10k robux?

  10. i remember when you did science sim videos

  11. on the balls game you should, make everyone on their own island, and you can "allie" or have a co op with some people of your choice, instead of everyone together! also amazing video!

  12. no offence i learned a real game engine in about 1 month, so i could learn roblox studio in about couple of weeks instead of 500 days

  13. yooo is that you from bgs? i remember the good old days! glad to see your doing well

  14. i dont activate windows too cuz like why do i have to buy like it for 300 euros its literaly 1/4 of my pc cost

  15. Miles activating the winsdows is a cannon event and you cannot stop it

  16. But your Website I don't know why but it doesn't work to me

  17. I want to be a dev so bad but I always lose motivation and my pc is also slow so ahh I think of giving up

  18. Thats the first Video i have ever seen of your channel and i have to say its crazy.i dont even want to Imagine how long it took to make.
    Keep up your doing a great job and happy new year

  19. I think this video has even more views than the previous ones, congrats!

  20. NO WAY! I though I was the only one who remembered pet ranch simulator

  21. dont worry i dont have windows activated either 😅

  22. Thx to this guy I got motivated and now currently working for a Roblox game studio.

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