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I Think Roblox Adopt Me Was Hacked…

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I Think Roblox Adopt Me Was Hacked… and today I see why with lots of clone games and have a hilarious experience. Enjoy some Roblox funny moments.
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This is one of my standard Laughability lets play videos, I play fake Adopt Me games and see some CRAZY stuff.

Last time I saw This Roblox Game is a Living Meme and today I see some games on Roblox that are lying and scams… FUN!

Today I see a new, good Roblox game and have fun trolling fans. I may not be rich, and it may be a difficulty, but this beautiful creation / build is off the chart.

If this video gets 3,000 likes I’ll do something else



  1. That is the flamingos copy he made it on a video

  2. Laughability at 5:07 : Its the middle of the video-

    Me : No- its time for the l a g .

  3. trading train , dino truck , hover car , ice cream truck , suv , sq ui rrel car , witches caravan ,clown car and a gold scooter ( if u cant offer for all u can choose any from above) and a ride toy monkey!

  4. “I think adopt me is hacked!”


  5. are we not talking about the uhm thumbnail

  6. This is my first time watching u and the first minutes I laughed

  7. me borraron adopt me :they erased my adopt me idk how to translate it

  8. There’s actually a lot of scams of adopt me and adopt me test lab the real test lab isthe one that have a lot of players

  9. Lol this adult plays roblox! 🤣 and adopt me!!!

  10. actually the adopt me test lab is a transfur scam game

  11. “Did they not even code walk?” But doesn’t Roblox automatically put in walk-

  12. The Last one is in Portuguese, not Spanish

  13. Im not an adopt me player but that's unfair for new players so I hope this game gets banned

  14. he sacrificed ten dollars knowing it was a scam
    what a legend

  15. U cant mail us a bomb u dont have 1 bc u cnat find my house im far away bro i will un sub and i will see

  16. This is fake because this is literally a fake game Avodart me that flaming Flamingo probably created always home and go deleted that game so it's probably a fan of comingo who created that game you know a flamingo fan

  17. I feel bad for the developers. Poor developers! Their game was hacked! D:

  18. Adopt me is not hacked because adopt me doesn't have admin


  20. if you pause laugh ability at a random time he makes a funny face

  21. The flamingo adopt me! I think it got banned..?

  22. flamingo just make a adopt me killing pets game 🤣😂

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