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I traded all of my MEGA QUEEN BEES in Roblox Adopt me

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Roblox poor noobs adopt me trading videos, I love making them! I love doing adopt me trades as a poor flex noob! Hope some rich flexer kid trades me a mega neon adopt me pet! Anyways today I traded all of my MEGA QUEEN BEES in Roblox Adopt me

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  1. Yo can I get my dream pet it’s the frost dragon user: Xxroblox_Erick2

  2. Hi My username is MukTrinity
    please my dream pet is a mega queen bee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Hi roplex I’m your no.1 fan can you make a offer for my swan sorry I’m just poor plzz

  4. evolution of cobra before: OMG!! are you exited the for the cobra!!! Trading frost fury for cobra

    Now: I Don't like cobra its the worst pet and cobra like kitsune worst pet everrr!!!

  5. Hi im from the phillpines plsss give me pet 🤧

  6. Normal people when they see many rich people follow someone riding mega giraffe

  7. I got to join your group so yay😌😁😁😁😁

  8. fun fact: they added journal so roplex can learn where pets come from

    which help him

  9. Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  10. I love ur youtube because its so funyn and you even have my dream a mega bat drago

  11. ur really lucky because I love ur yt and fishy and urs are the best in my opinion

  12. I hope u have a reat day and I hope i can ride my dream pet amega bat drago soon :D.

  13. :)!!! yayyy and I buyed ur merch ur really lucky and ur almost the richest person in adopt me 🙂 even you have my dream!!

  14. I had a dingo but Something happened to my account

  15. Amazir Gazi Rabbani Amazir Gazi Rabbani says:

    I can’t believe roplex gave all his queen bees

  16. Bro I bearly got ocean eggs in time I got six tho I been doing it all day

  17. I wanted to join your server but it was full

  18. Roplex they added the journal ONLY FOR U cuz u dont know where pets came from and think they are out of game.

    Like the so roplex can see this

  19. When did Roplex got his second mega shadow? In which vid??

  20. Bat dragon is a lose for neon crow
    Neon crow is worth 2 frost drag

  21. Roplex has 141 pets out of 149
    Me I have 81 out of 149

  22. M shadow for m at and m evil uni is such a win bruh. Someone teach him values

  23. Day 1 of getting famous from the comments so I can get 1k subs

  24. Hey roplex pls read this comment and also pls tell him this in the trading server
    Surfboard is in game and is just worth 600 bucks I overplayed for a surfboard but then found out it’s in game we can get it in the shop next to the hotspring
    Just don’t want u to do the same mistake
    Everyone spam the comment and pls also tell him in the server
    Love ur vids:)


    Im broke cuz i only have 1 pet. I shared my frost fury with my friend. He helped me and never scam me

  26. Roplex please friend me and I’ll join your game so that you can offer my hole inventory you might say no but it’s fine my username is BR0KEN_B0Y089 I’m a big fan and luv your vids.

  27. I think that with parrot was loose bc i tradet mega king bee for it, the adds are worth regular queen bee so i dont think that's fair

  28. So ur telling me, he does not accept the trade with a frost for a neon queen bee but he accepts a trade with parrot and some adds for a MEGA QUUEN BEE?!

  29. Mega queen bee is worth like 2 crows not more maybe 3

  30. Modernpotatoe overpayed so much and bat dragon is the second rarest pet

  31. ✞︎𝚂𝚊𝚛𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚎✞︎ says:

    Everyone wants you to offer bc your going to overpay cuz their a faN😅

  32. I am excited because tomorrow mythical egg is coming

  33. Can give me mega parrot or turtle I'm sub you my name danilo8597

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