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I traded all of my MEGA QUEEN BEES in Roblox Adopt me

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Roblox poor noobs adopt me trading videos, I love making them! I love doing adopt me trades as a poor flex noob! Hope some rich flexer kid trades me a mega neon adopt me pet! Anyways today I traded all of my MEGA QUEEN BEES in Roblox Adopt me

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  1. might be giving away my girrafe and bat dragon and neon croc soon and all my other pets

    i used to be really obsessed with adopt me but i quit a couple months ago and i would trade my pets for robux or something in another game i like but thats against adopt me rules so im thinking about giving them away for free

    all the people in adopt me servers dont seem genuine or anything and i want to give it to someone who actually wants it and wouldnt just trade it away immediately

    maybe reply in the comments and ill consider giving u one of them? also say why u want it

    it sounds shady but im not a scammer or anything just looking to give my pets to some nice people

  2. My username is Xxxtentacion u the subscribed hit the bell and turn notifications on and like

  3. Roplex I subbed and like and I used star code roplex and user is Rocaladybug and btw love your videos

  4. Can I have black Dragon use my name can please write my name I play adopt me please I want to play with you adopt merzannajim

  5. I would've watched it right away but I had school today.I love your vids

  6. Can I have my dram pet did everything

  7. I love how i try to join every server he has and it ends up being full LOL

  8. Roplex give me free pet or i will crawl at ur bed while ur asleep

  9. Fun Fact: everyone can learn value now because of the journal📖😊

  10. Give sabre Norris a Queen bee 🐝 she would love it

  11. TRADING TWO NEON FROST FURRIES,NEON DODO,ARTIC DEER,PARROT,shrew,candycorn and honey candies for shadow dragon

  12. its only a 2.5% chance to get the queen bee, so yes, they are quite rare!

  13. Wait I remember you over pay for mega queen bee you trade 2 neon evil uni and 1 neon hedge maybe some day you will gonna be poor don't trade all you're pet

  14. you got SO many good pets bro im gonna friend request you bc you have one of my dream pets and my dream pet is the white dragon thing with no legs and and the black dragon and i only got a fly pet at the moment so can i plz get one f them!

  15. hi roplex you probs dont know me but i love your vids so much and i think your the most collest youtuber ever plss friend me and i always wanted to meet you plsss and pls shout out me plss i am super poor pls

  16. foaxpw is the same user in the jaci plays vid wow

  17. He traded bat dragon for neon crow which is mega under for bat dragon

  18. Guys By the way are you excited for the Mythic eggs just to ask | please don’t hate me |

  19. Me trying to trade 4 metal ox’s for one queen bee after seeing this- : .-.

  20. 6:12 I’m so so so so so so surprised- the mega neon queen bee worth a frost dragon and small adds but the neon albino worth a frost dragon but the adds are too good! They are over on this trade. Also roplex they are lambs not sheep’s lol. Also 6:44 that was a over offer. Mega neon evil unicorn is worth neon shadow and the mega bat is a little under than the shadow. So that was a good deal lols.

  21. fr bat dragon for a neon crow is a small win

  22. Roplex I'm poor I need pet please my username:reyden_lee

  23. me totally not screaming when he traded his bat dragon for a neon crow and shouting don’t do it it’s under but then he does it-

  24. Omg he tell that braver are worth alot but the braver are in the game so he was so over

  25. Can I have my dream pet it’s a mega bat dragon or just a neon bat dragon plssssss

  26. Brother Roblex Please Offer may 2 Pets pleasE 🙁 This nfr brown owl in r Brown owl I hope you Replay me 🙁 please Brother 🙁
    Read please Brother 🙁 Give me May dream Brother Please Brother Your So rich 🙁

  27. Hi i subscribe what is ur real name is it billy? Pls tell ur real name plsssss ilove ur vids👉👈❤

  28. Hello roplex!,I am here for saying my account is officially hacked :(,I am so grateful to meet and learn from you!,I am now currently thinking if I should quit or not I losed all of my best pet by now.and I'm giving everyone a warning NEVER DO TRADING IN SOCIAL MEDIAS,So someone said on my TIKTOK that his offering FR giraffe and said deal and told me to add him but I can't so he said I go to his link in his bio after I checked I went into another website and said I need to put my user and password and it was so realistic it's like Roblox on pc so I gave it and I was waiting and I saw someone on his video that he gave the hack links so don't put your password and username in,I changed pass as possible but it was too late when I saw my trading license he took all of my best pets,so please roplex post this on your community tab so everyone will notice,I am now quiting adopt me,all my excitement for the new updates were gone :(,and tysm for you too roplex I learned alot from you! 🙁

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