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I traded MY LOVE POTIONS in Roblox Adopt me!

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Roblox poor noobs adopt me trading videos, I love making them! I love doing adopt me trades as a poor flex noob! Hope some rich flexer kid trades me a mega neon adopt me pet! Anyways today I traded MY LOVE POTIONS in Roblox Adopt me!
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  1. Can please offer for my cloud car day3

  2. Can I have owl my user is OGY_DUDE all capitals pls it’s my dp

  3. ꧁°𝑿𝒙D̶u̶m̶m̶y̶T̶a̶g̶𝒙𝑿°꧂ says:

    Roplex 👍

  4. Woah roplex you became so rich ;-;
    I used to have a shadow after 3 years then my acc got hacked now I'm starting with a metal ox :3

  5. roplex pls add friend me i just want to meet you in roblox this is my last wish pls i am gonna die cause i am in canncer

  6. Roplexxxxx,I'll not breath until u like my comment!!

  7. Roplex' fusion ND made his 8th mega shadow check out his channel name :fusion ND army


  9. ROBLOX and doing Brawlstars! And other more! says:

    You deserve more then 534k or 543k subscribers your derserve 1000k

  10. roplex can i pls have a ride octopus it my dream pet my name is warren_ yeye1127

  11. Hi Roplex can i have a Frost Furry f r please its my Dream pet my name is ichirouReiji in roblox please pity

  12. Mega neon parrot pls i like and sub user xmahalx143 name candice

  13. I think that roplex gets lots of free pets because he always overpays and he’s mega rich u cant get more richer if u overpay so ye

  14. I heard that a heart potion is worth more than snowglobe potion but is it true

  15. Lol the guy you Kevin is that your real name

  16. Bro why is there an ice dragon from a game called DragonML in the bottom right corner in the trading window in the thumbnail-

  17. Roplex it's me MeProAtBearAlpha I got banned so my new account is MeProAtBananaEats70

  18. Roplex I'm a big fan I'm in the group too but when I try to join ur servers, they are full so I can't join them also can I have my dream pet in adopt me user: "UrNeighbourHOOD_JoSh

  19. Please, can i get a free pet roplex???
    I'm being scammed every day… Im not begging but, can i have? I'm a very fan of you…

  20. Make sure to like and subscribe!

  21. roplex whys the server on lockdown theyre saying theres a hacker

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