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I traded MY LOVE POTIONS in Roblox Adopt me!

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Roblox poor noobs adopt me trading videos, I love making them! I love doing adopt me trades as a poor flex noob! Hope some rich flexer kid trades me a mega neon adopt me pet! Anyways today I traded MY LOVE POTIONS in Roblox Adopt me!
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  1. roplex whys the server on lockdown theyre saying theres a hacker

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  3. Please, can i get a free pet roplex???
    I'm being scammed every day… Im not begging but, can i have? I'm a very fan of you…

  4. Roplex I'm a big fan I'm in the group too but when I try to join ur servers, they are full so I can't join them also can I have my dream pet in adopt me user: "UrNeighbourHOOD_JoSh

  5. Roplex it's me MeProAtBearAlpha I got banned so my new account is MeProAtBananaEats70

  6. Bro why is there an ice dragon from a game called DragonML in the bottom right corner in the trading window in the thumbnail-

  7. Lol the guy you Kevin is that your real name

  8. I heard that a heart potion is worth more than snowglobe potion but is it true

  9. I think that roplex gets lots of free pets because he always overpays and he’s mega rich u cant get more richer if u overpay so ye

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