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I traded THE NEW LEGENDARY FLOWER in Roblox Adopt me (UPDATE)

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Roblox poor noobs adopt me trading videos, I love making them! I love doing adopt me trades as a poor flex noob! Hope some rich flexer kid trades me a mega neon adopt me pet! Anyways today I traded THE NEW LEGENDARY FLOWER in Roblox Adopt me

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  1. Someone traded a cure all potin for that and he actually did it!!!

  2. Adopt me should add a Alien UFO as a legendary car

  3. Roplex, i have a question. Why do you not collect your rewards?
    Me: Im always waiting to claim a reward
    Roplex: Yeah, cuz u r poor

  4. I got the legendary in the third 🥉 gift 🎁 lol

  5. I got scammed of my adopt me pets today. I lost the following: A FR frost dragon, 2 frost furies one fly one no potion, a no potion king bee, 2 no potion t-rexes, a NFR 2021 butterfly, a NR bat, and a Fully grown R reindeer. I was trying to offer for someone's Neon parrot, and they accepted but I didnt see that they switched out the neon parrot with a regular one so I lost my pets 🙁 if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it my user is QueenLeah_777 and the scammer's user is dismaker04. Please be careful guys I don't want you guys to go through the pain I had to go through 🙁

  6. Roplex all waste do is feel bad to ppl???

  7. Me : gets in adopt me game
    Me again : gets a small gift
    Opens a legandey flower
    I for real did tho

  8. Ik this isn’t about the vid but I got scammed for my diamond uni can anyone help plz I’m crying plz does anyone have an extra

  9. Roplex my first gift i got the growing flower hat! and i got it from a small gift!

  10. I dont like the toys in thr update…….

  11. r u sick or sm if yes hope u get well soon cause ur voice is little crumbled

  12. can i have my dream pet plsssssss plssss username: scarlett_plays3652 plssssss my dream pet is ang fr leg plssssss

  13. SOMEONE OFFERED ME : no potion hedgehog , nfr dodo , nfr frost fury , nfr crocodile , christmas egg , nfr horse , nr clownfish , mega r monkey , mfr bat (not bat dragon) FOR MY FR FROST DRAGON SHOULD I DO THIS OFFER???

  14. Roplex can I have the mega dragon? Me poor. My best pet would be that mega dragon. that you got.

  15. Roplex is kinda mean- He calls everything ugly xD

  16. Roplex why you don't upload video on your second channel

  17. Hi you are my favourite roblox YouTuber I always hop I can join a server that you are in ,you are a big inspiration roplex 😀

  18. me please everyone hate me because I'm poor and bacon please I wish I win name: PeppaXbobaYT

  19. Hey Roplex I Love To Hear Your Voice Its Getting Normal!

  20. Hi roplex can you offer my pets r squirrel r ginger cat f star fish and normal kitsune

  21. I wish we could make neon and mega toys, food, vehicles, ect…

  22. Fun fact : Only youtubers can get those trades


  24. Roplex, plase read.
    zderxanz is a scammer he is trying to scam others with his NFR frost AND FR frost
    He adds the neon frost in a trade, Then, He changes it into a FR frost

  25. Roplex can I offer for your bat boxes

  26. Username is shams just4 plz plz I want just Fr Frost dragon

  27. Trading the little flower pot

  28. Plz I want my do plz can I have FR shadow drag9n

  29. Bruh dont call it ugly

    Its not even ugly

    Bruh why is rich ppl calling items ugly just becuse you guys are rich 😕😑

    Be grateful bruh

  30. Omg roplex I love ur vids and I play Roblox to

  31. me waiting to enter the rich server:Ugh almost 1 hour
    me also join the server:yes finally
    me be mad roplex is in the server and he left:Ugh this server just waste my 1 hour time

  32. I saw da serve updated when i was making my n3on wyvern

  33. Sorry for calling you on Instagram so much I just wanted to meet you but I still think your awsome I'm jago

  34. the same thing happened to fishy when you fly with the roller scates its a bug?

  35. All the fossil pets and skelly Rex are getting so rare and I just got hacked for my frost some skelly Rex’s some other good pets so now I am sad

  36. It took me 4 gifts to get the legendary 😌

  37. in roplex group people was like 700k somehting

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