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I traded THE NEW LEGENDARY FLOWER in Roblox Adopt me (UPDATE)

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Roblox poor noobs adopt me trading videos, I love making them! I love doing adopt me trades as a poor flex noob! Hope some rich flexer kid trades me a mega neon adopt me pet! Anyways today I traded THE NEW LEGENDARY FLOWER in Roblox Adopt me

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  1. I love when he calls the pets he trades ugly when its actually good pets lol

  2. Can I have my dps pls. I’m liked subbed and notified pls oh yeah and do u feel better

  3. I gpott the legendary in the small gift first gift

  4. Why u didn't make video on roblox with roplex channel

  5. I got the flower hat in the first try-

    I LOVE IT!!!

  7. This is the perks of being a YouTuber you get really good stuff for ur really bad things 😂

  8. Omg I was sooo lucky. I got the growing flower hat on my second small gift!!

  9. Omg rolplex I like you vids so much that I watch you vids everyday.

  10. Roplex: "For two little ugly skates".
    Trader: "Omg bad trade for me". Cries

  11. Guys he said a cuss word but bleeped it out good job roplex u stared cursing let’s goo

  12. Roplex make sure you dont trade away to much,it has a limited time.maybe its gonna higher value!

  13. بلينك و قاشا لايف 🌸 says:

    You can give me an animal riding or flying without

  14. Him:for the new hat he got offered a bat dragon but he declined now he’s doing it for 3 out of game pets that are no where near the bat dragon?

  15. Thats nofair u get everything i had a frost furry but someone scamed me

  16. Can I get neon bat dragon? I sub like and my user mashusha04

  17. bruh you get good trades cause your a youtuber a legendary pet wear is not even worth close to what you got

  18. Why do people want that it’s only a hat bro

  19. Roplex you are calling stuff ugly and people wish to get one of the things you called ugly

  20. I have the legendary item can you offer just add me Maddie_0871 sry if my name is weird

  21. Hey Roblox can you get my dream my dream pet is a cobra and a skelerex please baby

  22. Okay this is the last and I'm going to ask you he also be like a mega out and can you get him a rideable flyable potion because he will really appreciate it too

  23. U are legend Roplexex!!! i want one pet but my offer is only fly red panda 🙁

  24. i want legend fly ride but mine ultra only 🙁

  25. Me: opens 30 gifts
    Gets flower hat
    Freaks out
    Trades it for dodo and wyvern
    Me in another server: sees someone say "Trading mega snowman and neon hydra for flower hat"
    Also me: :(((

  26. Roplex didn’t feel bad for the other person being over with the mega dragon lol

  27. Brooo you just scammed your fan for the dragon

  28. Please give me pets in adopt me fly 👏

  29. Brooo this guy got a mega dragon for two uncommon items but he traded the leg for three bad ones ????

  30. The way he never claimed star awards beofee makes me wanna unsubscribe

  31. Pls roplex can I get a fr skeli Rex that's my dream pet name reccel977

  32. ꧁𝔅𝖚𝔟𝔟𝙡𝙮 𝑺𝖓o𝒘𝐟𝒍𝒂𝗸𝗲 ꧂ says:

    Hi Roplex! I was just wondering can I offer for a fr frost fury for a fr sabertooth and a green dragon? It would really make my day! Thanks and keep up the good work!!! ☆☆☆
    User: Dj_Moonlight111

  33. Does growing pot make your pets age up faster? Does it have any special ability’s?

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