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I Tried Creepy ANNABELLE DOLL Games In Roblox..

Ruby Games
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I Tried Creepy Annabelle Doll Games In Roblox..
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  1. I love your video so much ,you always make my day everyday and you are so funny ❤️🐻

  2. that doll in the anabelle doll isnt anabelle thats the 1st most haunted doll anabelle is the 2nd :/ sorry ruby to ruin if u think that was anabelle

    hat doll in the

  3. Idk why but I rilly want to go to Annabel at the mesumen

  4. I have been trying to get a hold of you for a while

  5. You said you don't like dogs but what about Lady-

  6. Theory: Annabelle used to be a little girl, one day she got hurt and then She was turned into a doll and possessed by a demon so she couldn't control herself at all so yeah that is my theory!

  7. Ruby you mean the world to me but if I saw you in roblox or real life I would be so excited because your so beautiful

  8. The funny thing is that I was eating chips when you said that

  9. Ruby why did you sing so loud it is literally the middle of the night for me why did you sing so loud like this Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. I’m so scared cause i have the real doll annabelle in my house oh my gosh it moves so much

  11. I know she is I watched the movie it wasn't
    Scary and I am just 6

  12. We all have this feeling that are YouTubers not going to upload especially your favorite one and surprise they notify you and subscribe to your videos and your sister's truck

  13. Ruby I’m not lying the doll blinked legit-

  14. It’s been so long since I’ve watched ur vids

  15. 😱😱😱😱😱😱❗️❗️❗️

  16. Ione I’m not worried about it but I can’t hear you cause it’s not gone lol lol I’m not worried 😟 lol t the best way to get to sleep in a few days and I can’t keep it on time and I can’t keep my ion her anymore lol lol I’m sorry u I was your friend of my life and I was told you were coming back from me and I was never going on the same thing but I’m not mad about it but it’s just me lol lol 😆 I’m not going on to you anymore lol 😆 I’m not going to the right now I love love ❤️ and love you all my best friend and I’m not mad at that you don’t want me to 😂😂🥰💭💭💭😊👶🦆 love t the way I am egged with my friend who is the best person in her mind for work lol lol I think I will be

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