I UNLOCKED LEGENDARY VENOM FRUIT AND ITS INSANELY OP! Roblox Blox Fruits - pixelbladegames.com


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  1. Venom is like Magma plus shadow with a transformation

  2. Hey Jesse could you make a video where you try to become god ussoap with human race V4

  3. I got venom they other day bc it was in stock w beli and and thought I got it perm but I didn’t know you had to buy it w robux for it to be perm. And I got light on accident bc I was seeing how much robux each fruit was and I clicked buy on accident and lost venom and I can’t equip venom back bc I got it w beli Ig so if anyone has venom I’ll trade you for it

  4. Bro shift into a furry and i mean a massive furry

  5. Is no one gonna talk about this video is really old

  6. U don’t have to but can I please have a dark blade cuz I have been trying to get it for weeks so it would help a TON and if u do my user is thelegendaryluckery

  7. Jesse can I have 2x mastery
    I'm your biggest fan
    Pls I just started 2nd sea
    And it's very long to get mastery
    My Name is Jhon0558
    My Display Name is rip_Peaceking

  8. Hey 4:00 it’s not called the fury meter it’s called the furry meter bruh the furry meter

  9. Uid:Bajiiiiokun Venom frut give me pleseas ❌💔

  10. lets hope blox fruit change the transformation of venom to looking more to a 3 headed dragon than looking a human 3 headed dragon

  11. Did you know i can get any fruit on spinning random fruit? it’s bc i always say can i please get venom then i get it

  12. I was forced to use phoenix… well not really
    Because I had a lot of legendary fruits but I traded them and no one wanted me phoenix everyone wanted Buddha and gravity so I gave them away to noobs but no one wanted the phoenix still so I ate it

  13. Jesse please can you help me i had dough and i ate chop

  14. Could I have perm dogh it's my dream fruit my account is ryderpats respond back if you could and I'm in the second sea

  15. And also could I be in a video but I'll be in my allt account to chat

  16. I wanna die I maxed pheonix then dragon then Leo then venom and then guess what I ate smoke afterwards and am using magu rn

  17. There is a fruit faster going up than that and its :LIGHT FRUIT:

  18. I’m collecting every perm fruit in game and I am going to get this😊

  19. this video was made longer than 4 days ago it was just posted 4 days ago

  20. Well its time for the robux to be spent for the venom fruit which is the only fruit i dont have 🙂
    Also total robux spent FOR me:100k+ yep hmmmmm still have over 20k so ima get 1million robux more

  21. The fact that he needs to get damaged to go fast is funny cause whoever uses light goes really FAST

  22. Bro i just got the venom fruit and its my favorite but i just changed it with smoke so now my venom is gone😭😭😭😭

  23. Just wish the old Jesse was black playing build a boat

  24. can u give me 2x mysetery blox fruit my username is:korusata i sub like

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