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i Used EVERY FIGHTING STYLE in Untitled Boxing Game.. (Roblox)

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Roblox Untitled Boxing Game is a new upcoming fighting game on roblox with 7 different fighting styles that include Ippo, Hitman, Counter, Long Guard, Basic, Smash, and Trickster. I use each of these fighting styles!

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  1. ippo is a overall fighting style it has all perks good dmg good dodge etc…….

  2. Masaru Aoki uses trickster btw so yeah 😊

  3. This game is also a rip off of boxing beta because boxing beta was made first and has more players and so the untitled boxing game tried to copy boxing beta

  4. for me i like using counter. Its really all about timing. I like to light attack, walk backwards so I can fake them into attacking which also gives me a counter attack, but I sometimes mix it up with a heavy attack.

  5. Man I just came back from a fight with a guy and then after looking at his ult and this ult I recognised that bro was using Hitman style but I still defeated him with hands low style in a 3-1

  6. can you do a part 2 with the new fighting styles or update the video?

  7. crazy thing is he has 28 ping whiles im here with 1000 ping

  8. i tried my best man but not working i tried all the styles but no
    idk what to do

  9. Everything is actually good, my favourite that I have used are smash, basic, long guard or something and wolf, they are very good especially smash cause it breaks block so quick and wolf too cause of 2 m2's

  10. Ippo is one of the best fighting styles in my opinion.
    With it, it's ez to fight people with long startups.

  11. i use counter cause of its ability to get out of certain danger
    for example a dude blocking on my combo i will stop punching and then hit him with a power punch or 2 weak punches
    and another when they keep going out of the way and hitting me with m2's ill just use a jab and combo him
    and for the people fleeing from my barrage i would just dash and hit them in the face

    really all you got to know is this fighting style is for escaping casualties
    although its quite hard escaping a barage

  12. With Ippo, when my opponent is blocking i do thsi combo: m1 m1 m2 m2 or m1 m1 m1 m2 m2. Cuz on the last m2 theyll prop stop blocking so i get a nice punch in.Bbesides Ippo is really good.

  13. All new styles as of 7/23:
    Corkscrew: You regen faster, and have a slow but powerful heavy attack, in exchange to weaker light punches. No idea but it’s not popular and seems mid, so i’ll just say B tier or C tier
    Hands Low: Basically a faster version of counter but you also take extra counter damage. It’s a bit riskier to use but if you can pull it off it’s definitely better, probably A or S tier.
    Wolf Style: Pretty mobile with a decent start up speed, with the Whitefang, allowing for you to either finish a jab combo with an extra fast heavy, or doing a double heavy attack. Pretty fun and easy style, i’d give it A tier
    Slugger: Bad dash and block, with average jab speed, but your ability to charge your heavy for any amount of timecan keep your opponents guessing and make you difficult to perfect dodge. If you get cornered, it’ll probably break your block and deal a ton of damage. Honestly i can’t give a rating cuz it seems to be highly dependent on the user but i’d give it a B tier for now. You’d be surprised at how little its bad mobility matters as long as you are aggressive with it, and can dodge well.
    Hawk: Very easy to perfect dodge, fast start up, hard to read, and good damage. But your block is atrocious. The moment you’re cornered and you need to block, it’ll be broken very quickly. A tier.

    edit: my opinion on hands low has changed after using it for a while. It’s really mediocre, maybe B or even C tier. Why?
    The jab falls into an unfortunate level of speed where it’s slow enough that people can actual perfect dodge it, but fast enough that nobody is going to time the dash too early. For others like counter or corkscrew, while it’s slower in their jab, at least it’s slow enough to juke people. Hands Low’s jab is the perfect speed to get perfect dodged a lot by anyone skilled enough. And it is below average in speed, in fact, it’s even worse than Smash’s jab speed from some battles I did.
    And the heavy is even worse. It’s one of the slowest heavys in the game and terribly easy to read. Maybe you’ll get one or 2 jukes with it but after that if your opponent is good enough they will not fall for it anymore. Almost every style has a better heavy than hands low.
    And all of this matters because of counters. When you are more skilled than your opponent, sure, the extra counter damage will lead to fast kills. But when you’re even, you’ll be getting countered a lot too, which is bad because it takes extra counter damage, and it completely neutralizes your own counter buff. And if their style is faster in their jab, like:
    Now you’re definitely going to get countered more than you counter them, as long as it’s the same skill.
    Hands Low also has a kind of bad block, bad enough that both Hitman and Slugger could exploit it.
    The only redeeming part about it is the dash, but it isn’t even the best dash, Hawk, Counter, and maybe even Ippo have a similar or better dash.

  14. Counter best cause you can counter or hit first when she try to hit you and the damage of the ultimate is so op and the dash is so good so its good 9/10

  15. Bro became batfrom arkham night with the joker being punched oger and over

  16. The best style in my opinion is definitely the hawk right now for me

  17. But for this video, it’s definitely the counter by

  18. That moon man op as shit… hah u smashing on his butthole like it's yo honeyMOON 😂

  19. What's the name of the game I will subscribe promise

  20. Guys how do you change your fighting style???

  21. Florida's own connecticut roblox please i'm using my motto tablet

  22. Countering is basically if they punch before u but u still land the hit before them

  23. Hate ippo style wit a passion its for virgins

  24. I hate how he doesn't know a thing about hajime no ippo 🥲

  25. Bro saids he didn’t get knock out at 8:40 but look at his hp

  26. In knock out anime the trickster style called frog punch for the knock out keep up ta good work bro❤

  27. Trickster is OP when people who have creativity cuz you can make random and different comboes and it works lol

  28. I really don’t understand this game

    When I use block my shield goes down in 3 hits. When the enemy uses block it’ll barely go down with 98 hits

    I throw 3 punches and I’m tired for a century. The enemy can throw 69 punches and barely be winded

  29. me m spin im say i got ghsot end im spin end log i got IPPO

  30. Floaty can tell you something 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I got hit and by free spin

  31. The game is so smooth in pc with good signal!! Now I don't think I'll feel bad losing now using my phone and my data since i don't have wifi haha

  32. I liked and subscribed and turned on the bell and watched all your videos, can you give me a private server? My name in the game is triphunngau😂

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