I wasted my ROBUX to BUY MYSELF in every Roblox Game! - pixelbladegames.com

I wasted my ROBUX to BUY MYSELF in every Roblox Game!

TeraBrite Games
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I wasted my ROBUX to BUY MYSELF in every Roblox Game!
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  1. You should play adopt me because there’s a new egg called mythic egg

  2. omg, ive been watching your content for around 3-4 years, it only gets better!!, for real tho, i love you guys, best roblox content creators in ''MY'' opinion

  3. lol imagine asking linus to build a pc for roblox

  4. There should be a sabrina bright movie that would be amazing

  5. Terabrite games you should play ninja legends again it's still getting updated!!!!!!!!!

  6. Can you play pet simulater x next because it's the hell update

  7. those me looking like brawl stars pins not ganna lie

  8. if any one plays brawl stars respon and teel me some thing

  9. terabite: spends roubux

    roblox: why do u make us ban u?

  10. Me: sees this
    Me later: time to put my brains to work to prove this wrong

  11. Did I see garcello in the carnival I think that’s what he ment

  12. them saying : that was a lot of robuxs

    me when i see there robuxs : what..

  13. I Play Most Of These Games! i think


  14. Wait i thought Sabrina played this game before ;-;

  15. Guys pls sub because they spend alottt for us pls support them

  16. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  17. You need to buy the area in the glacier to get pog cat

  18. I just know in carnival tycoon is not your character your character showed up because you are friends so its not the character its because theres a brite juice in the game

  19. Me watching dis : you know what I don’t think dj has good luck anymore I’m just switch to Sabrina side

  20. play your mom its a real game not trying to be rude

  21. Wait a min why is he is brawl stars pin style LITERALLY LOOK AT THE HANDS

  22. Sabrina: every roblox game

  23. OMG Hello! I know i am late but i am the owner of Sabrina Sim! I will add more Updates because you played it! Hope i can see you play this again.

  24. All Dev after they see this video
    Dev:We need to add terrabrite pet

  25. Frank and Louie. I like Molang and Roblox says:

    a e a a a. A. A. A a.

  26. i love how when sabrina got excited when there was bumper cars she acted like me at a real carnival seeing a rollercoster

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